Save Time by Managing Your Energy [Infographic]

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Personal leadership is central to project management success, and one area of personal leadership worth investing in is time management. There are lots of ways to improve your time management skills, but at BrightWork, we like to start with energy levels.


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Consider the following for a moment: what if you have unlimited time, but very low energy? You’re not going to get much done, leading to schedule overruns, increased cost, unhappy stakeholders, and low team morale.

Time is a finite resource. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. However, you can ‘top-up’ your personal energy levels throughout the day and get more done!

In Collaborative Project Management: A Handbook, BrightWork CEO and author, Éamonn McGuinness outlines a two-part personal energy audit to help you identify any factors that drain or boost your energy.

Check out the below infographic for a quick overview of these factors.  In the coming weeks, we’ll explore the energy audit in more detail so make sure you check back for updates or subscribe to our blog!


manage your energy


Editor’s Note: This article is an excerpt from our free book, Collaborative Project Management: A Handbook

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