10 Ways to Gather Project Requirements [Infographic]

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One of the first steps when planning your project is to figure out exactly what the project requirements are. Another common term for this is to define the scope. It’s vital to get input from your project stakeholders, but how you can you get that information from them? What is the best method that suits the project?


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If your project consists of stakeholders located around the world, it might be difficult, not to mention, very expensive, to get all the people in the one room. I would suggest using the one that best suits your project, taking into account cost and duration.

Remember, it’s not all about what the stakeholders want but what it does to help the project to achieve its goals and objectives. If you go off track, you may end up creating a rocket instead of a bicycle! Always think, “How will this help solve the problem and the reason that we have this project?”


Project Requirements

I created an infographic with some suggestions to gather requirements for stakeholders. I’m sure there are a lot more.



10 Ways to Gather Project Requirements [Infographic]


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