Personal and Collaborative Leadership: A Handbook

Improve your leadership, collaboration, and project management skills.

Personal and Collaborative Leadership: A Handbook

Lead from the Inside Out

If you wish to lead a good life, reach your potential, lead a team, lead a family, lead a project or an organization, the most important person to first lead is yourself.

If you lead yourself well, you can lead others, and others will be open to your leadership. You will be leading from the inside out.

Packed with practical tips and exercises, this book will help you develop personal and collaborative leadership skills.

Who should read this book?

Collaborative Project Management Mentor


Anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills. 

Collaborative Project Management Self-Aware Leader


Teams who want to collaborate easily.


Organizations that want to create happy, healthy, and collaborative working environments.

Why read this book? 

Collaborative Project Management Successfully Collaborate


Develop personal leadership skills by managing your time, energy, personality, and attitude.

Collaborative Project Management Flexible


Improve situational leadership skills in areas such as decision-making and running better meetings. 

Collaborative Project Management 5 Stages


Understand and practice the five stages of Collaborative Project Management.

Meet the Author

Éamonn McGuinness

Éamonn McGuinness is the CEO and founder of BrightWork. From 1995, Éamonn has been involved in the development of commercial software products on Lotus Notes, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft 365, with the same basic product mission (process-driven and people-inspired collaborative project management).

Éamonn also works with two amazing international not-for-profit organizations; one in an executive capacity, and the other in a governance/advisory role. Éamonn also serves on two education boards (national and international). All these wonderful organizations are places of deep everyday learning for Éamonn.

What’s Inside 


Personal Change Management and REP

Learn how to gradually and intentionally manage your personal and professional development with the REP Approach.


Personal Leadership

Become an efficient and effective leader with tips on managing your time, energy, personality, and more.


Situational Leadership

Learn how to manage meetings, make effective decisions, and apply the best leadership approach for different situations.


Collaborative Project Management – The Stages

Explore the five stages of collaborative project management – initiate, plan, work, track and replan, and close the project.


Going Further

See how to run workshops with your team using the ideas in the handbook.

QuoteChris Lowney
Author of ‘Heroic Leadership’ and ‘Make Today Matter: 10 Habits for a Better Life (and World)’.
”While other authors traffic in vague generalities and arcane theories, Éamonn McGuinness has drawn on his years of in-the-trenches, real-world success in order to offer down-to-earth advice and tips that will be widely relevant, whether one is leading a company or just beginning one’s career.”

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The entire proceeds of this book (and not just the profits) will go to Jesuit Refugee Society, an organization dedicated to working with refugees and other forcibly displaced people.

Collaborative Project Management Paperback

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