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BrightWork Launches the 2nd Edition of Their Collaborative Project Management Handbook

February 23, 2017 by

Today, BrightWork launched the second edition of their book, Collaborative Project Management: A Handbook.

In recent years there has been a shift away from the traditional managerial hierarchies to a much more collaborative approach to managing projects, which emphasizes teamwork and cooperation.

With that in mind, BrightWork last year published the first edition of their Collaborative Project Management handbook to outline the processes, resources, and leadership skills required to manage projects collaboratively with a team.

In this new edition, they have built on the practical guidance in the first book and introduced a three-step framework for implementing collaborative project management in any organization (Collaborate – Lead – Evolve).




Speaking about the new edition, Éamonn McGuinness, CEO of BrightWork and book author, explained, “Modern, effective project management is about collaborative project management. It’s people working together, enjoying the journey on the way to an agreed, better destination.” He added that “The handbook is intended as a practical resource for new or accidental project managers, team members, and experienced project managers who need to coach new managers.”


What’s inside this expanded edition?

This second edition expands on the first version of the handbook and adds:

  • A new 3-step Collaborative Project Management Framework with suggested implementation steps
  • An expanded section on leadership, with new chapters covering Personal Leadership and Situational Leadership.


Praise for the 1st Edition of Collaborative Project Management: A Handbook 

Here’s what a few BrightWork customers had to say about the First Edition:

Éamonn takes a dizzying range of topics from traditional scope and issue management to personal productivity and offers up insightful snippets to help manage our projects and lives just a bit better.” Bob Kreha, Principal and Co-Founder at Brightstreet Group


“The guide is easy to follow and for me, is a key desktop reference for my day-to-day project management.” Yolánda L Chase, Manager, HR Effectiveness at Arrow Electronics


“The book is well structured and provides common sense, whole person approach to the subject.  Nicely done!” Mike Poniatowski, Manager, Infrastructure PMO Manager at Lear Corporation


Get your copy now

Get your copy here.  The entire handbook is available to download for free as a PDF.  You also have the option to purchase a paperback copy from Amazon or an eBook for Kindle.

The entire proceeds of this book (and not just the profits) will go to Concern Worldwide, an organization dedicated to working with the world’s poorest people to help transform lives.


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