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Using a Project Office for Cross-Project Visibility

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Ensuring you have visibility into the status of multiple projects in your organization is a major challenge for project managers. Some organizations may have ten or twenty projects to oversee, while others can have hundreds or thousands.

It’s important that project managers and senior executives can see what is going well and more importantly, what is not going well. Otherwise, it can be too late to save a project and limit its impact on interdependent projects.


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Without a standardized reporting process, project status updates vary in quality detail and timeliness.

Let’s take a look at how you can track with real-time dashboards using BrightWork.


Create a Project Office to get visibility across multiple projects

The Project Office template is an out-of-the-box BrightWork template that allows you to report on key items (e.g status, issues, risks milestones etc.) from multiple projects.

Project Office 2019


Project Office includes a set of cross-project dashboards that enable senior executives to see, at-a-glance, how all projects are performing and easily identify the ones that are in trouble.

The main Dashboard within your BrightWork Project Office allows you to view your various timelines for your projects, including start and finish dates. You can also view their performance against pre-defined criteria. This helps you identify projects that are maybe not running so smoothly.


Drill down into the detail of selected projects

When you see a project that needs attention, you can simply drill down into the project to view why it is in poor health.


If the project has overdue work, you can remind the responsible party by sending a detailed email. This can also be automated to save time on a regular basis.


Setup Portfolio reports that are personalized for your needs

After a time, you will find certain elements of your reports are more important to you than others. The beauty of BrightWork is that your reports are entirely customizable for your project management needs.


For example, you might want to group certain projects by priority so that you only see those projects that are labeled ‘High’. Or, you might only want a view of projects that are assigned to you as a project manager. See below how you can easily group and filter your views.


Configure dashboards using BrightWork Reporter

BrightWork also allows for more advanced reporting. Rather than an email or Sharepoint dashboard, maybe you want to get your reports in MS Excel format so that you can manipulate the data by charting, pivoting etc.

However, it’s important that you don’t simply export the data and lose the connection between the rest of your project and portfolio data within BrightWork. BrightWork allows you to dynamically link your report to excel and manipulate your data using excel functionality.

If you want a full demonstration of how to use dynamic links between BrightWork and Excel for reporting, watch our on-demand recorded webinar with Customer Service Architect Peter Doyle. 

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