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Training for the Role – Not the Platform

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When implementing a project management solution, whether on SharePoint or not, it should be immediately evident to users that the tool is going to make their lives easier. For example, senior executives want quick and easy reporting; team members might want to find and update their work with no hassle.

This is where training comes in. End users need to know and learn how the new solution will enable them to be more productive and successful, so give training the attention it deserves.


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According to McKinsey, people often fail to change as they believe they cannot learn something new. Training and upskilling help people to feel competent and more motivated to adopt a new process.

Even though SharePoint sites for project management are generally pretty intuitive and easy to use,  ensure users get the training needed to use the site with your established project management process.  This way, SharePoint site supports your process, and not the other way around.

The most effective training strategy is role-based training, followed by structured mentoring and coaching.


Role-based training

Role-based training puts training in the context of the end user and what it takes to perform that particular role.  And by association,  it shows the user how the project management solution makes it easier for them to perform their job.

The BrightWork Support team have created a range of role-based training guides and videos to help end-users get the most from BrightWork. These resources are easily accessible on our website.


BrightWork Support Hub


BrightWork also ships with a Training Zone, a site collection where users explore, test, and train with BrightWork templates

Training that is focused on a specific role is more likely to produce a higher quality result than generic training. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on user adoption and the overall success of your implementation.


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