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Why We Love Project Dashboards (And You Should Too!)

March 2, 2017 by

As a project manager, I am sure you have spent countless hours sifting through project data to prepare various reports for senior executives and stakeholders.

Project reports are only useful if they provide easy access to actionable information. Real-time project dashboards – a high-level summary of a project – can really help managers, teams, and executives review, monitor and manage a project on an ongoing basis, reducing the need for constant manual reporting.


See how BrightWork extends project reporting on SharePoint in our video tour


Project Management Dashboards

A project management dashboard provides a high-level summary of the project, allowing project managers to track the progress of the project against the original plan and deal with any risks or issues.

BrightWork project report

Track the health and progress of all projects across the organization using a dashboard


Project dashboard benefits include:

  • Increased visibility for managers and senior stakeholders in one place. Depending on your solution, you can also use automated reports, KPIs/traffic-light indicators, metrics scorecards and other views for even more information.
  • Ability to drill-down for additional information as needed. This can also be configured to an individual’s role, which prevents team members from becoming lost in the detail!
  • Increased collaboration as each team member knows where the project is at and what they need to do to be successful. This is especially useful for remote teams working in different time zones.
  • Enhanced resource management, which in turn, helps with budget control. Unplanned overtime or the need for extra materials can be easily identified and addressed.
  • Less time needed for report preparation and project administration.
  • Improved communications with stakeholders as they can stay up-to-date with projects between status reports and meetings.


You should also consider program/department-specific roll-up dashboards for a series of related projects. At the top level, you will see an overall status, with the ability to drill down into a particular department or project.


project management office dashboard

Track the status of multiple projects with roll-up dashboards




The BrightWork Solution

If project dashboards sound like a useful tool, why not try BrightWork, a SharePoint project management application? In addition to best-practice templates and advanced cross-project reporting, BrightWork provides real-time portfolio dashboards so you know what’s happening across all projects in the organization at a glance. Many of our customers have successfully deployed dashboards to improve and streamline their projects.

If you would like to try BrightWork for yourself, download our free SharePoint project management template. The pre-configured project site will give you the opportunity to see how BrightWork can help you manage and deliver successful projects.



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