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BrightWork Tips: Use Portfolio Reporting on SharePoint

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The Portfolio Reporting area in BrightWork is where you can logically group projects together for reporting purposes even though they are in different physical branches of the overall BrightWork site collection.

Think of this as a way to create pointers to various BrightWork sites to bring them all virtually together in the same space.


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So for instance, if you have a need to logically group together the three highlighted sites in the graphic below, and report on only those projects together and excluding all non-highlighted sites, this can easily be accomplished with Portfolio Reporting.



Project Portfolio Hierarchy

Setting up Portfolio Reporting

The first step is to create a portfolio workspace or portfolio parent site.

  1. Click into the “Portfolio Reporting” top site
    Portfolio Reporting Area
  2. Click “Create Portfolio” under the settings gearCreate Portfolio
  3. Click on the form that gets presented. Provide a Title for the portfolio site, a unique URL (one may already be suggested for you), and accept the default choices for “Portfolio Template” and “Copy Settings”.New Portfolio Site
  4. All that’s left to do is to tell the new site which project sites and/or project offices it should point to; simply find the “Portfolio Projects” web part on the home page of your newly created portfolio site. Click on “Add new item.”
    Add New Portfolio Item
    Fill out the presented form. Since you also have the option to add a Project Office site to your portfolio (in addition to individual project sites), there is a checkbox option to “include sub-sites”. If you only want to report on the information within a project site or a project office (i.e. the Project’s Tracker list), then this can remain unticked.
    Portfolio Projects


Now, with Portfolio Reporting in BrightWork, you have real-time dynamic Project Office style dashboards.

Portfolio Reporting Dashboard


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