A Guide to BrightWork Template Design Sync

Ciara McCarthy
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BrightWork Template Design Sync allows you to make design changes to a template and pull those changes into sites created from that template on a site by site basis. These changes can include adding new items such as lists and list columns and removing certain unmatched items in the destination site.

In the table below, I’ve outlined what can and cannot be synced. Due to certain SharePoint design restrictions, and other practical reasons, not all changes to the template are synced. For example, new tasks are not synced as there is a high risk of over-writing existing project information.

3rd party tools are also out of scope. We would recommend that you test in Development to see what does and doesn’t come over from such software and how it may work with the BrightWork Design Sync.

Note: This is accurate for 15.5 / 16.1. Check out your BrightWork Help for other versions.




BrightWork Template Design Sync

Automatically SyncedOptionally SyncedNot Synced
Site featuresQuick LaunchLinks under the” Recent” heading on the Quick Launch
Site columnsReport-Tabs listAny library marked as a catalog (like the web part library)
Site content typesSite themeContent in lists and libraries including tasks
Site custom actionsMaster page applicationEmail Scheduler
Site regional settingsHome page designWiki libraries
Site logo URLRemove unmatched list and librariesEmail Notification settings
Site descriptionRemove unmatched site content typesHold and eDiscovery feature settings
Additional lists and librariesRemove unmatched site columnsList and libraries that are hidden from the browser (via SharePoint Designer) or hidden by design (e.g. Hold and eDiscovery)
List and library settingsRemove unmatched viewsList alerts
List and library custom actionsRemove unmatched list and library formsMaster Page Library settings and views
List and library content typesAdd new BrightWork pagesMetadata navigation settings
List and library columnsAdd new web parts to BrightWork pagesNo Code Workflow library settings
List and library view changesAdd to Site Assets libraryBrightWork Reporter Personal Reports
Tree view settingsRemove unmatched site pagesPersonal Views
Custom ProjectCacheSettings.xml filesAdd new Project MetricsSecurity Settings
 Setting of common project metricsSite Title and Description
  Updates to Workflows
  Project Request URL
  Project Status Reports column mappings
  Task schedule settings
  Metric tile webpart settings



BrightWork Template Design Sync

Ciara McCarthy
Ciara McCarthy

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