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Adding Project Sync to a Task List Outside of BrightWork Project Structured

September 29, 2015 by

Sometimes you may want to use Microsoft Project Professional with a template other than the BrightWork Structured Template. This can be done, by following the steps below.

  1. Open the site or template you want to add task sync to
  2. Click on Task Update
  3. In the SharePoint ribbon, click List -> List Settings
  4. Create a single line of text column called MilestoneSync
  5. Click on MilestoneSync and rename it to Milestone (Sync)
  6. Click on the Milestone column and select Delete
  7. Create a new Milestone column with the following details
    • Column Name:   Milestone
    • Column Type:     Calculated Column
    • Column Calculation:  =IF([Milestone (Sync)]=”Yes”,TRUE,FALSE)
    • Return: Yes/No
  8. Obtain a copy of the .mpp file (note: you must be running BrightWork 15.3)
    1. If you have not done so already since installing or upgrading, create a Project Structured site.
    2. On the Structured Template site, navigate to Site Contents ->Site Assets
    3. Download a copy of the BrightWork – Project Structured Sync item.
  9. Upload the .mpp file to the Site Assets folder on the Standard site or template you wish to add Project Sync to
    1. On the Standard site, navigate to Site Contents ->Site Assets
    2. From the ribbon, select Files -> Upload Document
    3. Click Browse and find the .mpp you just downloaded to the site.
  10. Open the .mpp file in the Site Assets by selecting the three dots -> Edit
  11. When prompted, enable macros (you may also be asked to re-enter your credentials.
  12. Click File -> Save As
  13. Click Sync with SharePoint
  14. Ensure the Site Address is correct and click Verify Site
  15. Ensure the Task List window has selected the correct Task list and click Save
  16. Allow the Project to sync
  17. Once synced, Click File
  18. Under the Save button, click Map Fields
  19. Beside the Milestone (Sync) column, select Milestone (SharePoint Sync)
  20. Follow the on-screen prompt and click Okay when done.


It should be noted that while this method will add Sync to a list, it does not update any other workflows or metrics that may be dependant on other sources for data.

This method only works for users using the BrightWork 15.3 .mpp file.

If you are not on 15.3 and would like to take advantage of syncing with non-structured projects, please email, linking this article.


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