4 Benefits of Boards on BrightWork

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Kanban Boards on BrightWork enable project managers to move through work quickly, addressing risks, tasks, and issues in a visual, modern way.

The Kanban framework focuses on ‘cards’ presented on ‘Boards’. Boards are a series of columns in which cards are moved depending on their status within the project. Kanban is popular amongst Agile development teams as it allows:

    • Flexibility
    • Focus on continuous delivery
    • Reduction of wasted work / wasted time
    • Increased productivity
    • Increased efficiency
    • Team members’ ability to focus.


In order to make use of Boards within SharePoint, you need to ensure that you have the latest version of BrightWork installed.


Webinar Recording: Introducing Boards for BrightWork – Visualize your work in SharePoint


Why use Boards on BrightWork?

1. Boost Productivity

By viewing the entire process at a glance, project managers and team members can easily identify bottlenecks ahead of time. The Kanban framework focuses on the flow of work without being tied down to time-boxed iterations in which the project needs to be completed.

Boards on BrightWork enables you to visualize the entire workflow by mapping and prioritizing tasks across a virtual board. This allows project managers to easily manage the work and ensure a smooth, continuous flow.


2. Collaborate Together

Task Management is rooted in the core of project management and Boards on BrightWork offers an aesthetically pleasing, visual guide to project tasks for all team members. This not only informs the team of the number of tasks in play but also their status within the process.

By focusing on the efficient delivery of smaller tasks, teams can simultaneously increase their output and optimize their process.

3. Update Effortlessly

Update and change your projects comfortably with simple drag and drop actions on the Kanban boards. Instead of clicking through to a task page, making the relevant change and clicking out, simply drag your task-card intuitively without fear of making a mistake.

The result or final location of your movement is instantly visible without clicking through to other web pages, subfolders or drop-down menus. Updating your Kanban Board will also dynamically update other associated data such as project timelines. Watch how you can configure BrightWork boards with WIP limits.



4. Leverage Agile Best Practice

One of the reasons that people are drawn to the Agile Framework is its flexibility to ever-changing requirements and timescales. Every company is different and every project presents new challenges.

Boards on BrightWork is the perfect tool to overcome roadblocks as it enables you to easily adjust the status of your tasks, issues, and risks to best meet the project’s best needs. All with a focus on flow and maintaining velocity. Work In Progress limits (WIP Limits) are a key component of Kanban methodology and can be set on columns and groups on columns in BrightWork.


Features of Boards on BrightWork


The search functionality allows you to search for, and display all cards that contain the search term.


Swimlanes allow you to group your cards horizontally by a specific team member or department.

Column Card Count

Get an instant count of all cards within a column or group of columns.

Grouping Columns

Group two or more columns together under a common heading to add structure to your process.

WIP Limit

WIP (Work In Progress) Limits can be set for columns or columns that are grouped together. A column with more cards than the set WIP Limit will be highlighted.

Hide Columns and Swimlanes

Choose which Columns, groups of columns, or Swimlanes you want to collapse to view the exact information you need.


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