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What is a BrightWork Project Management Health Check?

November 11, 2020 by

At BrightWork, our mission is to ensure you deliver successful project and portfolio management in your organization. To help us do that, we offer a free Project Management Health Check to every customer, every year.

But what is a Project Management Health Check and how does it benefit your projects? Below I’ll dive into the different parts of a Project Management Health Check and the output you receive at the end.

Project Management Health Check: An Overview 

A Project Management Health Check is a 1-hour meeting with your Customer Success Partner and goes through the three phases: Immediate Needs, Current State, and Desired State.  

By the end of your health check, you and your Customer Success Partner will have gone through the following: 

  • Review your current BrightWork environment. 
  • Address any immediate needs and issues you may have. 
  • Assess your current project management processes and identify opportunities for improvement. 
  • Enable the set-up of new product features. 
  • Uncover ways to increase user adoption. 
  • Figure how BrightWork can help deliver on your project management goals for the coming year. 
  • Create your customized Evolve Plan. 
  • Deliver a personalized slide deck with your Project Management Success Plan. 



Let’s take a closer look at each step of your Project Management Health Check. 


Immediate Needs

The first part of the Project Management Health Check is addressing any immediate needs that you may have. This can be any top-of-mind questions; any issues that should be fixed; any tips on using BrightWork, or any “how-to” training you might need 

Addressing your immediate needs first allows your Health Check to start on the right path with your Customer Success Partner (CSP). 

Current State

Next, your Customer Success Partner will do a walk-through of your current BrightWork environment and assess your current project management processes.  

From there, your CSP can determine any opportunities for improvement or enable new features you want to incorporate in your processes. This step allows you to improve your success and advance your BrightWork deployment quickly 


>> Schedule your Project Management Health Check << 


Desired State

Planning for the future is never easy. We can help by documenting your goals, priorities, and vision for your project management so you are ready for future rollout.  

From ways to increase user adoption to your customized Evolve Plan, we’ll work with you to advance your project and portfolio management with BrightWork


Output: The Project Management Success Plan

The output of your 1-hour Project Management Health Check is your customized Project Management Success Plan with all the above steps documented for future reference. 

Print, email, and share with your colleagues, stakeholders, and senior executives so they know the plan for project success! 

The plan also includes a section for important contact information and record of the next steps needed to ensure your plan starts on the path intended. 


What To Do Next:

  1. Schedule your Project Management Health Check
  2. Get your Senior Executives, Stakeholders, and other key colleagues involved. 
  3. Come prepared with your clear goals and visions to help us help you. 


It’s important we take this short time-out together and review our progress to your project management goals with BrightWorkSchedule yours today! 


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