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How to Insert a Calendar Overlay in BrightWork

June 21, 2016 by

SharePoint calendars are a wonderfully useful resource for Project Managers and their teams to maintain visibility in situations where schedules need to be aggregated.

SharePoint will allow up to 10 calendars to be added to a site. In the context of our projects, these overlays can include scheduling detail of our Tasks List, Issues, and Risks.

  • From the Task List, navigate to List and if there is no existing Calendar View, create a calendar using Create View.
  • Select Calendar View and set up as needed.
  • Add a Calendar to your project if it’s not already added.
    • Navigate to Site Contents and Add an app.
  • From there Search for Calendar and add the app, calling it Team Calendar.
  • From within the new Team Calendar, navigate to Calendar on the Navigation Ribbon.
  • Click on New Calendar.
  • Name our Calendar and Resolve the Web URL to ensure you can select the necessary List.


By following these steps you can start to create and add calendars for increased visibility of your project schedules.


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