Decision-Making and Personality Traits

Eamonn McGuinness
By | Updated September 29, 2016 | 2 min read
Personality Traits

Personality traits play a much bigger role in decision making than you may think.

Some people are, by their very nature, indecisive. They find it quite difficult to make most decisions. I often find these people very loyal to the decision when they do make it. I am sure you know people like this.


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Other people make decisions way too quickly without considering all the consequences. These people are more impulsive.

How you primarily react to the world will affect your decision-making process; this also makes your decision-making process unique. There are many ways to describe how we react to the world, but one simple way is to say that we react from the head, heart, or gut. Your personality will determine whether you approach decisions in a rational or emotional manner.


personality types


Is one of the above more naturally prevalent than the other in how you react to the world? If so, be aware of this when making decisions. A good decision is made with the balance of the three head, heart, and gut or when the three are eventually in balance, as described in the holistic decision-making approach.

Hard decisions are just hard. There is no getting away from this. However, we can make them somewhat easier by having an approach and understanding how our personality affects our decision.


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