BrightWork and Project Hosts Offer HIPAA/HITRUST Compliant, Cloud-Based Project and Portfolio Management Solution

Billy Guinan
By | Updated September 25, 2018 | 3 min read

BrightWork, the leading project and portfolio management solution for SharePoint and Project Hosts are offering a HIPAA/HITRUST compliant cloud-based solution on Microsoft Azure to healthcare organizations. This unique partnership allows organizations to manage their project and portfolios in a secure, compliant environment within weeks and at a fraction of the cost.

BrightWork Online provides an accessible, secure, and scalable cloud-based project and portfolio management solution within Project Hosts’ HIPAA/HITRUST Security Envelope on Microsoft Azure. By working with BrightWork Online, healthcare projects are covered by the necessary compliance standards for Protected Health Information (PHI).

“We are delighted to expand our relationship with Project Hosts to the Healthcare sector and combining their unparalleled knowledge and experience of cloud security with our project management solution,” says BrightWork CEO Éamonn McGuinness. “With Project Hosts’ HIPAA / HITRUST Azure Security Envelope, healthcare organizations can reduce the time taken to achieve compliance from months to weeks and at a fraction of the cost”


VP of Business Development at Project Host, Erez Avidan-Antonir said “With their expertise in deploying and supporting solutions, BrightWork is ideally placed to help healthcare organizations start project and portfolio management within our HIPAA / HITRUST Azure Security Envelope. Project Hosts have no doubt that with this unique offering, healthcare customers can easily realize their cloud goals”

BrightWork improves operational effectiveness with better project visibility and tracking in a secure, reliable environment while providing an economical, scalable solution for managing project portfolio, providing better standards for collecting project data and an intuitive tool that makes the work visible and accessible.

BrightWork has been making project management easier for over 20 years. BrightWork offers a range of best-practice templates and reports to help organizations get started with the right amount of project management. Combining these best-practice templates with Project Hosts’ 15 years of Cloud Security and Compliance experience creates a Healthcare Cloud in which providers and payers can manage their projects in full HIPAA and HITRUST compliance.

To learn more about managing your healthcare projects and portfolios within a HIPAA/HITRUST compliant cloud-based solution on Microsoft Azure, please contact BrightWork for details on deployment, support, and pricing.



Billy Guinan
Billy Guinan

BrightWork Demand Generation Manager • Marketing

Working with a range of B2B SaaS project portfolio management software for nearly 15 years, Billy specializes in best practices and methods of how to leverage Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform, and SharePoint to make project management easier. His focus areas are Collaborative Project Management and Template-Driven Project Management on the Microsoft platform. Beyond all things BrightWork, Billy enjoys reading, trying to golf, and walking his pug named Nova.

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