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How to Add a Project Status Report to Your SharePoint Site

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Project metrics are really important for giving you a quick snapshot of project progress right in your project site.


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Project metrics constantly change as the team updates their tasks in your SharePoint project management site, creating an ‘at-a-glance’ look at how the project is doing.

It’s also helpful to record your progress regularly using a Project Status Report.

A Project Status Report creates a snapshot of the project at a particular time, for example, on a weekly basis.

Below we’ll look at a process to create simple project status reports in SharePoint using our free SharePoint Project Management Template!


What is a Project Status Report?

A typical Project Status Report includes red-amber-green indicators (RAG) along with any information and comments you feel are important.

The metrics included in the report are often decided during the project planning phase.

A status report typically covers:

  • Complete and upcoming work.
  • Overall progress, including budget updates if required.
  • Any key action items.
  • Top open issues or risks.

Free Template Project Status

Sample project status report in a SharePoint site


The frequency of the status report is often based on the duration of a task, typically one week.

A Project Status Report is a useful communication tool, especially for team members or stakeholders who are not working on the project regularly. The report provides more context about completed and upcoming work.


Adding a Project Status Report to a SharePoint Site

As a BrightWork customer once said, a Project Status report shouldn’t take more than three minutes to complete!

In this short video, BrightWork CEO, Éamonn McGuinness shows just how quickly you can create a report with the free SharePoint template.


Below, we’ll take a closer look at these steps.

Before adding a new report, review the project site to check the current status of work.

With the free SharePoint Project Management template, the various dashboards on the project homepage are updated as your team works on their tasks.

Use this information as the basis of the status report.  Ask team members for more details as needed.

When you’re ready, navigate to the ‘Status reports’ area in the Quick Launch menu (under ‘Execute and Control’).

Free Template Project Status report list


Here, you’ll find a list of previous status reports with RAG reporting, completion date, and comments.

Simply add a new item or click “Edit this list” to add a new status report.

Free Template editing project status report


Now you have a datasheet view to quickly update the status of the project and add some comments for the team. Work through each column:

  • Overall health, time, cost – color status
  • Date of report
  • Current project phase
  • Expected finish date
  • % complete
  • Status comment
    • How are you feeling about the project?
    • Why are things going wrong?
    • What do you have planned next?
  • Activities planned.


Save that information and you have a status report.

The homepage of the project site is also updated with the latest indicators for the entire team to see.


Next Steps

Make project reporting on SharePoint easier with your free template.

The pre-configured project site includes a range of reports such as:

  • Work reports
  • Tasks List
  • Issues List
  • Project Status Reports
  • Metric tiles and charts.


Free SharePoint Project Management Template BrightWork


These reports are connected to the various dashboards on the project homepage. As reports in the site are updated, the data rolls up to the project homepage, meaning less time chasing updates from the team!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2018 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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