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Adding Status Reports to your SharePoint Project Management Site

September 21, 2018 by
Billy Guinan

Project metrics are really important for giving you a quick snapshot of project progress right in your project site. The beauty of project metrics is that they are fluid and dynamic, constantly updating as people work through their deliverables and update the SharePoint project management site, giving the team an at-a-glance look at how the project is doing.


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But every now and then you will probably need to draw a line in the sand as a kind of benchmark. What is the project status at this particular moment in time?  This is where a Project Status Report comes in handy.

A typical Project Status Report would include some red-amber-green indicators and also capture other information, such as your thoughts on the project issues and other commentaries that you feel is important.

A Project Status Report is a really simple way to add your comments together with the information already available in the project site to paint a complete picture for project stakeholders.

The fact that status reporting is so easy in SharePoint means that Project Managers do not have to spend so much time chasing down team members for updates and instead can spend more time using the information to track and re-plan the project!

Below we’ll look at a process to create simple project status reports in SharePoint. By the way, the screenshots are using our own Free SharePoint Project Management Template for the example!


Adding Status Reports to your SharePoint Project Management Site

Remember my SharePoint project site mimics an amount of project management. In this case, we’re using a “lite” amount of project management. In my site, I have two primary sections: 1. Initiate and Plan; and 2. Execute and Control.

Under the ‘Execute Control’ phase on the Quick Launch, you see that I have a section for Status Reports.  It is here that I would be able to add my own thoughts to the KPIs already available in the project site.



You can see there are a few other status reports already, but they’re out of date so we want a more recent picture.



Simply add a new item or click “Edit this list” to add a new status report.



Now you have a datasheet view to quickly enter the relevant status comments. The cool part about it is that all you have to enter into the form is the stuff it doesn’t know, i.e. how are you feeling about the project? Why are things going wrong? What do you have planned next? It’s the information your boss and stakeholders would be looking for anyway, so why not add it the collaborative site where it can be easily tracked and accessed by everyone.



So you save that information and you have a status report. Remember we’re already reporting on project metrics automatically, so that information is pulled in from other areas of the project site.

The homepage of the project site is also updated with the latest indicators for the entire team to see.



It’s really quite easy to add a project status report.  Basically, we take the KPIs and metrics that are already being collected and reported and merge that data with some simple status comments about the progress of the project.

And as simple as that you have a status report.  The report is published and accessible to the project team and becomes the latest status report including the color commentary we added above.

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