6 Must-Watch TED Talks for Project Managers

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A big thank you to our friends over at brightpod.com who came up with this fantastic list of must-watch TED talks for those involved in project management. Keep scrolling through the list in its entirety and the accompanying video!



6 Must-Watch TED Talks for Project Managers

1. How to build a formidable team

Tom Wujec’s ‘Build a Tower, Build a Team’ is just 7 minutes long and gives some interesting insight on teams and team building. He even gives you an exercise that you can use at your next office team building session: ”the marshmallow problem”.



2. How to recognize individual capabilities in a team

I’ve always hated the way people talk about so-called ‘introverts’. They’re not such bad people! And Susan Cain shows you exactly why in her talk ‘The Power of Introverts’. Hopefully, after watching this, you’ll realize that introverts can be extremely influential team members, despite their reserved nature.



3. How to sustain a healthy team

Healthy teams are key to success, and not just in terms of biological health! Watch Dan Pink’s ‘The Puzzle of Motivation’ to find out how you can motivate your team in novel ways that are sure to work wonders!



4. How to boost collaboration

There is quite literally no end to the amount of collaboration that project managers endure on a daily basis and that is why this TED Talk, in particular, is so important. So how exactly do you get the most out of your various collaborations? Let Itay Talgum explain.



5. How to inspire action with a vision

How do you create something that immediately draws attention and inspires action? Through a simple little model called the ‘golden circle’. Find out exactly what it is in the talk below!



6. How to reduce complexity and work smartly

K.I.S.S. means Keep It Simple…Silly! A powerful abbreviation you’ve undoubtedly heard before! But have you been abiding by the age-old rule? Check out the talk below for 6 simple rules to reduce your complex life as a project manager!


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