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Create a SharePoint Report Hyperlink

June 16, 2017 by

Recently a customer wanted to link to a particular Dashboard using BrightWork Reporter instead of the default of the Project Home Page.

In their case, they wanted to point to the Project Status Dashboard at a Project Office level from a roll-up view of the Current Status Report.

This blog outlines the steps required to create a SharePoint report hyperlink to a particular dashboard within your site collection. It’s recommended that you have some experience with using BrightWork Reporter to carry out these steps.

By default, BrightWork Reporter can link to 3 items in a Project Site, namely:

  • The Project Site itself
  • The List that contains the data
  • The List Item itself (Task, Issue, Risk, etc.)

BrightWork Report


To link to a different Dashboard in a Project Site, we will need to create a SharePoint Designer Workflow. The workflow is then triggered on the Project Status Reports list.



Create SharePoint Report Hyperlink

  1. Navigate to the Project Status Reports list in your Template
  2. Create a Single Line of Text column called PageLink.
    1. Set the Default Value to the relative Page you want to link to in the BrightWork Pages Library, e.g. /BrightWork Pages/Project – Status.aspx
    2. This will be automatically populated every time a new Status Report is logged
  3. Create a Hyperlink Column called ReportLink.
    1. This will be the linkable Column from BrightWork Reporter
  4. Create a Workflow using SharePoint Designer
    1. Create a WorkFlow Variable to join the Current Site URL and the PageLink
    2. Ensure you add a “ , text” after the String Builder to update the Description of the Hyperlink

String Builder

  1. Add a second action to the Workflow. Update ReportLink column in the list with the Variable defined in the previous step.

SharePoint Report Hyperlink


  1. Next, test your Workflow to ensure it is creating the ReportLink correctly in the list itself


  1. Finally, update the BrightWork Reporter Definition file (Current Project Status Report) to query the new ReportLink column. Otherwise, the column will not appear in the reports.

Dashboard Link



As a result, you should now have a SharePoint report hyperlink that brings you to the information you want to see in a lot fewer clicks. Please comment below on how you used this on your reports. We love to hear about your innovations on BrightWork.

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