Reusing SharePoint Web Parts – Exporting and Adding to Site Gallery

Donal McCarthy
By | Updated July 15, 2011 | 2 min read
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Most experienced BrightWork users will probably have configured BrightWork Reporter, the cross-site and cross-list reporting web part that comes with BrightWork. Every instance of a report is driven by an XML file that we call a Reporter Definition. You add the Reporter web part, select the Reporter Definition, report type and then configure the report accordingly. Most web parts do not require a lot of setup. You just add it to the page and away it goes showing you the contents of a particular list. However, web parts with a large number of configuration options, such as BrightWork Reporter, have an almost infinite number of final possibilities.

Getting the report configuration right can take a while! Once you get it right, repeating this work can be a pain. Fortunately, SharePoint allows you to export the web part and upload it to the site collection Web Part Gallery for easy reuse.

  1. Click Exporton the web part menu and save the web part to your desktop (it will save as a .dwp file).image
  2. Navigate to the site collection home page and click Site Actions | Site Settings.image
  3. Click Web parts.image
  4. Click Documents | Upload Document.image
  5. Navigate to the location where you have the .dwp file stored, select it and click OK.image
  6. Make any appropriate changes and click Save.image
    Note: We recommend that you add your web parts to a custom group (e.g. My Web Parts, as shown above) to make them easier to identify when adding them.This web part will now be available to add (with all the configuration and setup done) to any web part page in the site collection.image


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Donal McCarthy
Donal McCarthy

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