Restore Deleted Tasks

Restore Deleted Tasks on your SharePoint site

June 7, 2017 by

If you are using the BrightWork Task list to manage your projects, you may run into an occasion whereby you may need to restore deleted tasks that were removed in error. Perhaps you have versioning in place; it may not be too obvious how to return these deleted items.  The recycle bin in the site settings does not show individual entries or restore items removed in error.


Restore Deleted Tasks

There is a hidden user recycle bin that is hiding behind the scenes. To access the recycle bin, enter: /_layouts/15/AdminRecycleBin.aspx ahead of your site name e.g.


Restore Deleted Tasks


Click on the items that you want to restore, then click on restore selection. The items will now appear back on the project task list, in the same place as before.

Restore Items



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