Quick Edit on a List Displays an Error when Saving

Ciara McCarthy
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While we aim for our migrations from one version of SharePoint to the next to be as seamless as possible, on occasion, there can be the odd hiccup. Some customers encounter the issue whereby the quick edit on a list is not saving correctly, even though all columns appear to be visible or not marked as mandatory.



After migrating from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, some lists will no longer allow the Quick Edit feature to save the end users makes changes to the list. An error message will appear “You need to fix some problems before we can save your changes”, but there are no causes for the errors evident.

Quick Edit not Saving the List


Some fields that are hidden may be marked as required.


Quick Edit – Fix

    1. Browse to the list that is causing the issue.
    2. Click on “List Settings” in the ribbonList Settings
    3. Go to “General SettingsColumn visibility settings (BrightWork)Visibility Settings
    4. Untick the box “Hide from Forms and Views”. If you know the column that is causing the error, then you only need to mark that one. Otherwise, all will need to be unticked. Note the columns that you have changed as you’ll need to revert these back.Hide forms and views
    5. The column(s) should now be visible in the Columns section of the List Settings. For each column that was unticked in the previous step, click on the name. Change the setting “Require that this column contains information” from Yes to No. Save the changes by clicking OK. Column Required
    6. Once all the changes are made, go back to “General SettingsColumn visibility settings (BrightWork)” . Tick the box “Hide from Forms and Views” for all columns you had unticked in step 4.
    7. The Quick Edit save should now work without any issue.


I hope this helps! Let us know in the comments or any workarounds that you may have used.




Ciara McCarthy
Ciara McCarthy

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