Extended Selected Projects and Work Tracker Template

Extend the Projects and Work Tracker Template

November 15, 2017 by

In BrightWork, the Projects and Work Tracker template uses a Projects Tracker list called Projects. This tracker manages the high-level details of several individual projects.

You can see where the template sits alongside other BrightWork templates in the below spectrum.

BrightWork Template Spectrum

You can also use the template to manage the work, issues, and documents associated with each project entered in the Projects Tracker list through the “Selected Projects” feature.

In this way, the template acts as an alternative to creating an individual Project Lite for each site. Think “One site, many projects”.


Projects and Work Tracker




Selected Project

The Projects and Work Tracker template uses a unique “Selected Project” interface to add tasks, issues or documents to your project.

Selected Project


On the Selected Project page, if you choose a project in the Select a Project drop-down, you will set that project as your site default. This means that when you next add a task to the Project Tasks list, it will default to using your selected project. This also works for your Project Issues or Project Documents.

When you have selected a project as your site default, the details of your project will show on the Selected Project page. You can use this page to manage your project or use the drop-down to see how other projects are performing.



Extend Selected Projects Dashboard

You can add additional lists or libraries to the Projects and Work Tracker Site and extend the Selected Projects Dashboard so that the additional lists are included when you filter on the selected Project. This is achieved using a PowerShell script that is run on the SharePoint Server. This will require admin privileges on your server.

  1. Add NewField PowerShell script to your SharePoint Server
  2. Create the additional List that you want to use in Projects and Work Tracker. In this example, we are using a Project Links list.
  3. Update the PowerShell Script with the highlighted changes.
    • The URL of the Projects and Work Tracker Template
    • The name of the additional List added Extended Selected Projects
  4. Run the PowerShell Script
  5. Add the new List View Web Part to the Selected Open Work Dashboard and ensure to change the view to ‘All Items’. Selected View All Items
  6. When you select the applicable Project and you have a Project Link associated with the Project it will now filter on the Selected Open Work Dashboard:Extended Selected Projects and Work Tracker Template 1



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