What’s New In BrightWork 15. 20

March 4, 2022 by

BrightWork has released the newest update (15.20) to its project and portfolio management solution for SharePoint On-Premises. With the updated version comes a host of new and exciting features that improve BrightWork.

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The latest enhancements include:

  • Gantt Chart Interactions: We have made it much simpler and intuitive to interact with the Gantt Chart.
  • Gantt Chart Grouping of Project Cache Items: Gantt Charts can now group tasks by selected columns, with the Project Cache as a data source.
  • Template Updates: A number of enhancements have been made to our out-of-the-box customizable project and portfolio management templates


Gantt Chart Interactions


The Gantt Chart is a powerful scheduling tool that allows project managers to absorb key information such as project timelines, tasks, responsible team members, dependencies, milestones and progress, all at a glance.

In BrightWork 15.20, dragging and dropping within the modern Gantt Chart web part has been enhanced to include:

  • % Complete can now be easily updated by dragging the % Complete bar directly in the Gantt Chart. This new functionality provides a quick method for changing task status.
  • Predecessor link drag and drop allowing users to easily create Finish-to-Start relationships between tasks.
  • Milestone drag and drop to provide a quick and easy method to set milestone dates directly in the Gantt Chart in the same manner as other tasks.

This gives project managers an instant, visual and practical method of updating their schedule.


Gantt Chart Grouping

The Project Cache is one of the most popular features in BrightWork as it allows you to report on Project Summary information from the Project Statement, Project Tracker, and Project Metrics. With the latest release of BrightWork, it is now possible to select the Project Cache as a data source within the Gantt Chart, grouping tasks by your selected columns.

Up to 4 columns can be selected to group by, and sorting in ascending or descending order is supported. This provides greater flexibility to choose the data source you would like displayed in the chart.


Template Updates

BrightWork templates are perfect for every type of project, team, and industry. The ready-to-use templates deliver immediate value, supporting varying levels of project complexity and process, from lite to structured.

A number of changes have been made to the out-of-the-box templates.

  • Project Lite, Project Standard, and Project Structured templates:
    • The List Gantt View web part for Project Tasks – Active Items Gantt, All Items Gantt, and My Items Gantt is replaced with the Gantt Chart web part to provide a more modern experience.
    • The Gantt Chart and the Task Name column are now wider than the older Gantt web part.
  • Project Area, Project Office, Projects and Work Tracker, and Portfolio templates:
    • The home page List Gantt View web part is replaced with the Gantt Chart web part to provide a more modern experience.
    • The Gantt Chart and the Project column are now wider than the older Gantt web part.


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