What’s New In BrightWork 15. 21

Micheál Clesham
By | Updated March 4, 2022 | 5 min read

BrightWork has released the newest update (15.21) to its project and portfolio management solution for SharePoint On-Premises. With the updated version comes a host of new and exciting features that improve BrightWork.

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The latest enhancements include:

  • Work Cache Column Mapping Enhancement.
  • Project Task Hierarchy Gantt Improvements.
  • New Template Design Sync Options.


Work Cache Column Mapping Enhancement


The Work Cache is a powerful feature that makes it easier to report on multiple projects quickly. We have introduced a new feature that simplifies mapping columns from work lists to the Work Cache. 

When adding a column to a work list and then mapping it to a column in the Work Cache, you can now use a new user-friendly feature that allows you to create the mapping on a configuration page. Changes are applied to the Work Cache XML mapping file, removing the need to edit this file manually which could inadvertently add syntax errors.

This makes the work cache more accessible to users through the front-end UI without any coding. This not only makes it easier for users but also more efficient, reducing the chance of human error when editing the Work Cache XML mapping file.


Project Task Hierarchy Gantt Improvements

Gantt Charts have been a key component of BrightWork and one of the most popular features among our customers for some time. They allow project managers to absorb key information such as project timelines, tasks, responsible team members, dependencies, milestones, and progress, all at a glance in one single web part.

We have significantly improved the Gantt with a new Project Task Hierarchy Gantt capability. This means the default sorting order is now based on the sort setting of the active view or CAML filter. You can also choose to sort on multiple column headers to display tasks in a flexible manner in the order you want.

We have also introduced a Search capability to quickly find specific items within your Gantt. This is especially useful for long lists.


Template Updates

Nintex is a point-and-click workflow automation tool used to automate key processes on various platforms, including SharePoint. Many BrightWork customers have added Nintex Workflows and Nintex Forms to optimize and accelerate their project management processes.

When using Template Design Sync you can now choose whether to add, synchronize, or remove Nintex Forms providing even more options when syncing your templates.

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