What’s New In BrightWork 15.18

July 12, 2021 by

BrightWork has released the newest update (15.18) to its project and portfolio management solution for SharePoint On-Premises. With the updated version comes a host of new and exciting features that improve BrightWork.

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This release was primarily focussed on enhancing the recently introduced Gantt Chart Web Part, a powerful project management scheduling tool. Project scheduling is crucial to project management success and the best way to visualize and work your project schedule is through Gantt Charts. The latest enhancements include:

  • Gantt Drag and Drop: Move items instantly on the Gantt Timeline
  • Gantt Zoom in and out: Get better visibility
  • Gantt Calculate Schedule: Adjust Gantt items and instantly calculate the entire schedule.


Boards – Manual Sorting



In BrightWork 15.18, the popular Boards web part has seen a significant improvement. Cards in Boards can now be manually sorted within the columns by dragging and dropping. This allows for prioritization within columns to avoid bottlenecks. Cards can also be manually sorted within columns across swimlanes.

This is especially useful when using Agile methodologies that rely on backlog prioritization. Simply drag and drop the card within the column to automatically change the item Order number in the SharePoint list.


Resource Apportioning

Resource management is one of the biggest challenges project managers face. In BrightWork 15.18, we have introduced the unique ability to support grouping by one multi-user person or Group column in our List Item and Resource Reports.

In other words, this now allows you to attribute a single item (e.g. a task) to multiple people. You can then apportion out the work or cost evenly between the assigned individuals.

Resource Apportionment is a powerful capability that allows project managers to introduce another layer of complexity and detail to their resource reporting.


Boards – Advanced Card Styling

One of the biggest advantages of leveraging SharePoint is the freedom to configure your project management software to match your processes.

With this in mind, we have now given our users complete control over how Cards within Boards are styled. This is optional and requires IT Professional experience, but provides great flexibility to organizations who wish to apply their own branding styles to BrightWork.



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