How to Start Managing Projects on SharePoint in Under 5 Minutes + Free Template

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At BrightWork, we often hear about common project management challenges such as the lack of an agreed approach to projects or the use of Excel to track work.

We know some teams need to manage projects from time-to-time, like delivering a new website but have no formal project management training.

Other obstacles to successful project management include poor stakeholder engagement, communication, and no visibility into work.


Start managing projects on SharePoint in less than five minutes with your free site template! 


Most project management challenges can be remedied with the right project management tool. Unfortunately, finding and introducing a new tool to your organization is often a mammoth task.

From research to finding time for a free trial, budgets, and overcoming objections from your IT team, it’s easier to just keep going with your current situation.

If your organization is already using SharePoint, there is a quick way to get projects under control – the free SharePoint Project Management Template from BrightWork.

Let’s take a look at how you can start managing projects on SharePoint in under five minutes – for free.


How to Start Managing Projects on SharePoint in Under 5 Minutes

1. The SharePoint Project Management Template

First things first – a little about the Free SharePoint Project Management Template. The Free Template is a simple and intuitive way for teams to start managing projects on SharePoint.

Modeled on the Project Lite template in the BrightWork solution, the template ships with a pre-configured project site, reports, and metric tiles.

The site has everything you need to plan, track, and execute projects successfully on SharePoint –  straight out-of-the-box.



Using the template means you don’t need to waste any time building a project site in SharePoint or trying to find someone to do it for you.

All you need to do is download and install the template, and deploy a pre-configured project site – all in less than five minutes – with no coding required.


2. Leverage Your SharePoint Infrastructure

Many organizations limit the use of third-party applications or downloads.  Depending on the IT guidelines within your organization, you may find your choices of project management software are quite restricted.

If IT has to review requests or install software for you, you could be waiting a long time just to open the software on your device – never mind using it!

As the Free Project Management Template is based on SharePoint, it will plug straight into existing, approved IT infrastructure. No coding is required to configure the template and your IT team do not need to install any code on the servers.

The template will run on SharePoint 2019/2016/2013/2010, and SharePoint Online.

In addition to saving time and avoiding IT headaches, the project site is very easy to use. If you and your team are already familiar with SharePoint, you’ll quickly master key elements such as the Quick Launch, Task Lists, and Project Reports.

For those not familiar with SharePoint, the project site is visual with a logical layout and clear navigation. It won’t take too long for the team to become comfortable with using SharePoint for project management.


3. The Right Start

When I say you can start managing a project on SharePoint in under 5 minutes with the Free Template, I’m not just talking about easy installation.  The template encompasses extensive project management and SharePoint experience to make sure you get the right start.

The Free Template is used by over 40,000 organizations to manage projects on SharePoint. This means your new project site has been tested and improved extensively!

There are two key elements worth highlighting: the ‘Getting Started’ tiles and the ‘Quick Launch’.

The ‘Getting Started’ tiles on the project homepage will help you to organize the project, including tasks and documents, in a few minutes.  Using the walkthrough, you can:

  • Set-up the project with key information such as the project name and description, project manager, status, and due date.
  • Add Tasks and create a schedule.
  • Add Documents to the document library.


With these key elements in place, your team can start working on their tasks with a clearer understanding of their responsibilities and overall goals.

The Quick Launch – a menu with links located on the left-hand side of your site – provides further structure to your project. These links will help you to plan, execute, and track work.

SharePoint Quick Launch menu



If your organization does not have an agreed approach to project management – don’t worry! The Template includes a project wiki, which explains a five-step approach to managing your projects.

The guidance is based on the framework in our Collaborative Project Management Handbook. You can use it as is, make edits as necessary, or remove it if you want to.




4. Free Means Free

No doubt, you will have signed up for numerous free trials for various apps and tools in the past only to find you didn’t have time to explore the tool fully. It’s frustrating, especially if you are trying to evaluate tools carefully before seeking a budget. After all, you need to be sure your choice is right!

The Free SharePoint Project Management Template is free, forever. You can manage as many projects as you wish for as long as you need.

This means you and your team can use the Template without worrying about losing data or struggling with limited functionality.


Start Managing Projects on SharePoint Today

Getting started with project management on SharePoint may seem daunting. With the right tools and guidance, it is achievable and will put you on a path to real project management success.

The free Project Management Template for SharePoint is a risk-free starting point and it works.

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