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How to Configure the BrightWork ‘Create Project Wizard’

May 12, 2017 by

BrightWork provides its own method for creating new sites that differs from native SharePoint. Using the BrightWork Create Project wizard, with a series of clicks you can easily create new BrightWork sites in five easy steps:

  1. Choose the desired template from which to base your new site, e.g., Project Lite, Project Standard, or Work Tracker template, or choose a different project site to copy. If necessary, determine which content from the template or another project you want to include.
  2. Enter a site title, description, URL, and Project Manager name.
  3. Specify navigation options.
  4. Specify permission options.
  5. Confirm all your chosen settings.


Create Project Wizard

If this is a little too rich with choice, with a small amount of configuration this can all be simplified.

  1. Navigate to the “Projects Area” site.
    You may see a link to this in the Top Link Bar. However, it may be named or located elsewhere. If unsure, verify with your BrightWork architect.Project Area
  2. Click on the “Site Actions” gear and then “Site SettingsSharePoint Site Settings
  3. Click on “BrightWork Settings” towards the bottom right of the page.SharePoint Site Settings
  4. Click on  “Configure Create Project Settings” and click on “Customize”.Configure BrightWork
  5. On the customization page, you can choose to knock off one or two of the wizard steps (Navigation and/or Permissions) by hiding the navigation step.Create Project Wizard


Note: This setting will affect the site creation process for all child sites within the Projects Area.

Now when your colleagues go through the site creation wizard, they’ll only see three steps instead of the default five in the Create Project Wizard. Depending on the options selected, Navigation and/or Permissions will no longer be present.

3 Step Process

Remember, all project sites created within the Project Area will all have the Navigation and/or Permissions in the Create Project Wizard; it’s all or nothing!


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