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Prior to BrightWork, Sonic Healthcare used email and spreadsheets to manage project activities. This method made it difficult to keep track of all the individuals and tasks they were assigned. Also, reporting project statuses quickly was not possible.

Sonic has defined a project management process, but did not have a consistent tool for the entire project team. The PMO wanted to move away from this approach and implement a more streamlined process in SharePoint.

One of the things I love about BrightWork is that it is not just for Project Managers. BrightWork connects the entire team to their assignments, and team members are responsible for updating project tasks, making it so much easier for Project Managers to know exactly what is going on and make decisions quicker.
Stephanie Saravia
Project Manager, Connectivity Solutions, Sonic Healthcare


Sonic Healthcare follow a specific 10 task process for interface projects. The process is always the same, so they took an out-of-the-box BrightWork template and configured it to match the local process. Now when a project is initiated, the process is already laid out in the SharePoint site. Project Managers can easily assign the tasks to resources who continuously update tasks and add thorough notes as they move through the project.

Visibility is one of the greatest benefits Sonic has experienced from the BrightWork solution. Since all project team members update their work in the BrightWork site in SharePoint, it is incredibly easy get a snapshot into status of all project activity. This transparency allows Project Managers to give quick, real time updates to project stakeholders, rather than having to call individual team members or manually sort through project data to give progress reports. Now all project information is updated and housed right in SharePoint.

Previously, reporting required 20-30 minutes per division within the PMO. Now with BrightWork, it takes less than a few minutes to produce reports for all divisions. Another benefit is the cloud-based functionality of SharePoint, which allows for this collaboration to happen among a geographically dispersed team.

Sonic Healthcare is one of the world’s largest medical diagnostics companies, providing laboratory and radiology services to medical practitioners, hospitals, community health services, and their collective patients. We also operate Australia’s largest network of primary care medical centres – Independent Practitioner Network (IPN) – as well as other healthcare businesses.

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