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Case Study: Allianz Eases Project Creation and Control With Collaborative PPM Tools

An IT transformation program at Allianz sought simpler creation and review of project information to let stakeholders resolve project issues more quickly, with more timely and detailed data. Allianz implemented BrightWork, leveraging its use of Microsoft Project and SharePoint.

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Top 5 Reasons to Try BrightWork for Project and Portfolio Management

“Flexibility is very important to me when I evaluate a project management solution. What I really like about BrightWork is that their “Start, Evolve” approach to project management makes it easy for organizations to get started quickly with project management, delivering immediate visibility and control, with the flexibility to mature their project management practices as the needs of a project or team change.”


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“I have to say this is a great set of templates that is worth considering for anyone interested in going from Excel and Outlook to using a process that has been proven and that’s built on top of already existing investments in SharePoint.”

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Product analysis by Vlad Catrinescu, SharePoint MVP

“As a SharePoint Consultant I have seen and worked with many Project Management solutions built on SharePoint. After creating and playing with quite a few projects in BrightWork, I have to say that I was extremely surprised with the number of features included out of the box and how easy it was to work with them.”


The Ultimate Reference for Project Managers

“With its ‘Start and Evolve’ philosophy, users are able to immediately implement effective project management wherever their starting point is. It has pre-defined tasks, documents, templates and other artifacts for different kinds of projects, enabling them to make the first and most important step: starting a consistent best practices PM strategy.”




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“Are you looking to make the leap from a collection of spreadsheets and Outlook tasks to a simple-to-use, flexible project and portfolio management solution in a SharePoint environment?  If so, you should consider BrightWork.”

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“BrightWork has solidified itself as a strong player in the project management space on SharePoint. It’s packed with a bevy of features you’d expect to see in a PM tool that provide for many use cases when looking to simplify the complexities of managing projects on SharePoint.”

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“Supporting project delivery across project, program, PMO and portfolio management processes, BrightWork is a SharePoint-based collaboration tool that can be adapted to each organization’s capability and maturity level without overwhelming users with unnecessary functionality.”

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“[BrightWork] is a great company with passionate people and a great product that makes our work easier and more productive.”

“Highly recommended for any organization who would like to leverage their SharePoint site for Project Management.”

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“The BrightWork product features make our project and portfolio management easier and more successful. As manager of our PMO I am able to quickly decide which projects get approved and which ones get rejected. Using their OTB project management templates we can start with the right amount of project management for the project and team in question.”

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“Brightwork is a software that allows you to easily manage projects, products, people, services, and finance through a complete set of features that simplify project management best practices with a low total cost of ownership.”

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