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At Tennis Australia, their main challenge was managing a large and varied workload associated with running the Australian Open each year. Although they did have an oversight framework in place, it didn’t give Project Managers a standardized way to report on the general progress of a project.  This meant that meetings were often long and time-consuming, but it did not ensure that the biggest risks or issues were being dealt with.

With a basic traffic light model, the Australian Open focus group were able to see very quickly which projects were in trouble and what big problems needed urgent attention. Since then, we have introduced a more formal approach to risk management as well, which helped the focus group identify and address high priority risks.
Isabelle Kluger
IT Program Manager, Tennis Australia


Tennis Australia implemented SharePoint and BrightWork for both IT projects and the broader Australian Open program. The organization would typically have 60-70 active projects sites going at any given time covering all aspects of the Australian Open tournament, from accreditation to management of the media, to umpire scheduling and staff uniforms.

In the first year, they had to train a large number of staff in project management principles and processes. So they kept the system simple to begin with, where Project Managers were able to do quick and easy status reporting using a basic traffic light model, which allowed the entire Australian Open group to see very quickly which projects were in trouble and what big problems needed urgent attention.

Tennis Australia then expanded the solution to include a formal approach to risk management as well. At the time of writing, Tennis Australia has successfully managed three Australian Open tournaments with the solution so far.

Tennis Australia is the governing body for the sport of tennis in Australia. The organization is in charge of organizing tennis tournaments throughout Australia, including the Australian Open. Their purpose is to make Australia the greatest tennis nation on the planet.

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