Free SharePoint Project Management Templates

Two SharePoint Templates for Lite and Structured Project Management!


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  1. Two SharePoint project management templates: Free Lite and Free Structured
  2. Tutorials and movies on how to install, setup and use the templates
  3. Invited to attend live and interactive training sessions

The templates will run on all versions of SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016, including Office 365.

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Free SharePoint Templates for Project Management

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With these free templates, you will get:


images-year-2010A collaborative SharePoint project management site to manage an individual project with a team.

images-year-2010A Tasks List to build your project schedule, with an optional sync with Microsoft Project using the Free Structured template.

images-year-2010Work reports that help all team members manage their tasks and priorities on the project.

images-year-2010Project Status Reports to capture the health and progress of the project.

images-year-2010Enhanced SharePoint list for issues, risks, goals that are designed with specific project management processes in mind.

images-year-2010A fully integrated Document Library where project documents and deliverables are stored, maintained and tracked.

Templates to manage projects of all sizes!


Free Lite

The Free Lite template provides a small amount of project management for your projects, enabling you to manage tasks and issues, while also allowing you to quickly see what work has been assigned and what actions need to be taken.



Free Structured

The Free Structured template provides additional project management for your projects, expanding on Free Lite by offering additional features like goals, discussions and risks. The extra features in Free Structured are perfect for managing larger projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these really free?

Absolutely! These templates are best free tool for single projects on SharePoint, and they are yours forever, free of charge.

Do the templates expire?

No! The two free templates are yours to take and use to manage as many individual projects as you want, for as long as you want.

What versions of SharePoint do these work with?

The free templates are available for all versions of SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 (including Office 365). You simply select the version you want to download after registration.

Do I get support?

Since this is a free offering, we do not offer phone or email support. However, we do have a comprehensive training library to help you get started with the free templates.

Are these the full BrightWork product?

No. The free templates are vanilla SharePoint sites that have been configured to help you manage individual projects. If you would like to try the full BrightWork solution, including the portfolio reporting capabilities, we recommend you start a free 30-day trial.