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How to Install the Free SharePoint Project Management Template

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SharePoint is the ideal tool for managing your projects but starting off can be a daunting task as a lot of thought and pre-planning is required before diving in.


Download your free SharePoint template here!


A SharePoint site can mimic the project management approach of an organization, providing repeatable templates for project managers to use when starting a project.

Luckily, BrightWork has created a free template that will allow you to immediately implement a SharePoint site built for project management.

The pre-planned site provides all of the project management essentials you need to initiate, plan, track, and report on your project in SharePoint.

With ready-to-use lists and web parts, you can start managing your projects quickly by:

  • Planning the schedule.
  • Adding a project charter or statement.
  • Assigning and tracking tasks.
  • Uploading project documents.
  • Tracking work with reports and metric tiles.
  • Adding regular project status updates.



This post is a brief walkthrough of how to download and install the free template in your SharePoint site collection.

Below, you’ll find both a short demo video and step-by-step instructions to get started.

The Free Template works with SharePoint On-Premises (2019/2016/2013). You will need to be a site collection administrator for SharePoint On-Premises or a member of the Root Site Administrator group in SharePoint Online to implement the steps in this article.


Video walkthrough



Download, Installation, and Setup

When you download the free template, you will be given a zip file containing two things:

1.  Free BrightWork Project Template WSP

A WSP is a SharePoint Solution Package, and it is simply the way a SharePoint file is packaged and shipped.  Just as you have .doc for Word documents and .ppt for PowerPoint decks, we have .wsp for SharePoint.



Unzip the downloaded folder and save the SharePoint template (.wsp file) to a suitable location on your desktop.


2.  Free Template Install Guide

The installation guide is a step-by-step walkthrough (with screenshots) of how to add the template to your solution gallery before creating a project site using the free template.  You only need to add the template once to the solution gallery, and then use it over and over again.


Free Template Guide



If you are having any issues with installation, we’ve included FAQs with the Installation Guide. Two common problems are:

  • SharePoint Permissions. You will need to be a site collection administrator for SharePoint On-Premises or a member of the Root Site Administrator group in SharePoint Online to install the template. For further help, please contact your IT team.
  • Template Activation. To add the template to your solutions gallery for use, be sure to activate the template during installation.


Free Template Activate




What Kind of Project Management Functionality do you get?

The template is based on a five-step approach to managing projects:

  1. Initiate the Project
  2. Plan and Setup the Project
  3. Work the Project
  4. Track and Re- Plan the Project
  5. Close the Project.


As shown below, the template will help you execute these five stages with a range of tools and functionality.


Infographic_The 5 Stages of CPM and the Free SPM Template


The template comes with a “landing page,” aka the project homepage, which gives you summary information of the project. Simply drill down to get more detailed information in the underlying lists and reports.

For example, you can access the Project Status dashboard (pictured below) report for a detailed look at the progress of all the tasks, health, estimated finish, etc. including historic status.

Free Template Project Status Dashboard

The Quick Launch exposes a project management process for you.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the Quick Launch has a section called “Initiate and Plan,” which houses the project statement,  project tasks, and documents. Reports and Issues are located under ‘Execute and Control’.

Free Template Project Task List



Why not start managing your projects on SharePoint today?  The template is completely free and will extend out-of-the-box SharePoint to help you manage a project. 


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2012 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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