Project Budget Management with SharePoint

⏲ Duration: 35 mins

Everything aspect of project management is affected by project budget management. It’s crucial you know the budget from the outset of project selection and approval, all the way to completion.

Project Managers need the cost details of individual projects but also, visibility across multiple projects so that they can take action quickly. SharePoint is the perfect budgeting tool.

In this webinar, BrightWork Project Management Solution Consultant Alan Morgan outlines:

  • Project Request Management – Setting and approving budgets during project selection.
  • Creating a Project Site With an Approved Budget Managing budget and costs using a team site
  • Cross-Project Budget ReportingUsing the BrightWork Portfolio Management Templates to manage costs and budget at a departmental level.


The BrightWork solution must be installed on either SharePoint On-Premises (SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010) or on SharePoint hosted in a separate cloud. BrightWork does not run on SharePoint Online. Please see our pricing page for deployment options.

Meet The Presenter

Alan Morgan
Project Management Solution Consultant