5 Steps to Start Managing Projects With Free SharePoint Templates from BrightWork

⏲ Duration: 60 mins

The free SharePoint Project Management Template from BrightWork is used by over 40,000 organizations to manage projects with SharePoint.

This training webinar explains how to make the most of the Free Template. Learn how to:

  • Install the Free Template in your SharePoint environment.
  • Initiate a project (create a project site) from the template.
  • Plan a project following built-in guidance.
  • Track a project with visual reports and dashboards.
  • Easily re-plan a project to get things back on track.


The Free SharePoint Project Management Template from BrightWork helps project managers to plan, track, and execute projects successfully on SharePoint.

Built for project managers by project managers, the template provides an effective, structured way to manage projects, straight out-of-the-box with no coding required.

Use SharePoint lists and web parts to plan, track, and re-plan the project:

  • Getting Started Tiles
  • Project Homepage with dashboards
  • Quick Launch
  • Tasks List
  • Issues List
  • Project Reports
  • Document repository
  • Wiki.
Traci Grassi
Customer Success Partner