Manage Your Time, Energy and Email

Time is a finite resource; once it’s gone, it’s gone! In order to be a successful project manager or team member, you must manage your time effectively. If you want to improve your time management, there are a few elements to consider.

Having personal and professional goals and a weekly schedule is the first step in managing your time.

However, as you probably know, schedules are easily thrown off track. Recognizing traps and distractions is another key step in time-management.

Physical and emotional factors also impact on getting the most from your time. Even if you do have time to work on a project, you will achieve nothing if your energy is low.

Finally, email is often a huge time-waster and a drain on our productivity. Having a process to manage email will save time and energy.


Manage Your Time, Energy and Email

Master your own time, energy and email with these free training videos. Watch and learn:

  • A 5-step approach to time management
  • Time management traps and tips
  • How to conduct an energy management audit
  • Develop an approach to email.

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