Collaborative Project Management: A Handbook

Learn how to standardize your projects with a five-step process and practical tips for better collaboration.


Project management is moving away from traditional managerial hierarchies and processes to a more collaborative approach, which emphasizes teamwork and cooperation. 

Who should read this book?

Collaborative Project Management Mentor


New project managers who need a straightforward guide to project management.

Collaborative Project Management Self-Aware Leader


Project team members who want to contribute to projects.


Project managers who need to coach new managers.

Why read this book? 

Collaborative Project Management 5 Stages


Understand the five stages of Collaborative Project Management.

Collaborative Project Management Flexible


Develop a flexible approach to project management to suit your current needs.

Collaborative Project Management Successfully Collaborate


Successfully collaborate with your team and stakeholders.

What’s Inside 


Successfully Implementing Collaborative Project Management

Get started with REP, a practical approach to personal change management.


Collaborative Project Management Explained

An introduction to collaborative project management.


Collaborative Project Management – The Stages

Explore the five stages of collaborative project management and project tracking.


Personal Leadership

Jump into personal leadership with advice on time management, attitude, and boosting your energy levels.


Situational Leadership

Learn how to manage meetings, make effective decisions, and apply the best leadership approach for different situations.

What people are saying about Collaborative Project Management 

”Eamonn takes a dizzying range of topics from traditional scope and issue management to personal productivity and offers up insightful snippets to help manage our projects and lives just a bit better.  A great read for anyone involved in managing projects!”

Bob Kreha

Principal and Co-Founder, Brightstreet Group

”This handbook did a great job outlining the essentials of project management; reinforcing the role of a project manager, how team collaboration efforts can produce results, to conclude with useful tips for managing stress and making the best use of time.”

Brenda Raiha

Project Manager, NorthWestern Energy

”I recommend a project manager struggling on a team read the Collaborative Project Management Handbook. The […] tips are perfect for a team that hasn’t adopted a structured project management methodology or framework.”

Joel Oleson

SharePoint Influencer, The Collaboration Show

“I am going to recommend reading this book to the many individuals who ask me for an easy read to get the basics on project management.  […] The book is well structured and provides common sense, whole person approach to the subject.

Mike Poniatowski

Manager, Infrastructure PMO Project Manager at Lear Corporation 

Meet the Author

Éamonn McGuinness

Éamonn McGuinness is the CEO and founder of BrightWork. From 1995, Éamonn has been involved in the development of commercial software products on Lotus Notes, Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, with the same basic product mission (process driven and people inspired collaborative project management).

Buy the book!

The entire proceeds of this book (and not just the profits) will go to Concern Worldwide, an organization dedicated to working with the world’s poorest people to help transform lives.
Collaborative Project Management Paperback

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Collaborative Project Management Kindle

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