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Control Your Project Request Pipeline with Microsoft 365

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About This Webinar

⌛ Webinar Duration: 40 minutes

All projects start with a decent idea, but that doesn’t guarantee their success.

Starting the wrong project at the wrong time is the best way to waste valuable time and resources. Project Managers need to know what projects are in progress and what resources are allotted to them.

Project governance is a core building block of successful project management and you need to have a process in place for collecting and ranking all potential projects and weighing them up against the stated strategic goals of the organization.


Scott Footlik
BrightWork Customer Success Director


Micheál Clesham
Moderator & SaaS Product Marketing Specialist


The Webinar Outline

  • Why you need Project Request Management (PRM)
  • How to get visibility into your project pipeline
  • How to select and prioritize the right projects
  • How to automate your PRM process to optimize your project pipeline
  • Time for Q&A