Making Remote Project Management Work with SharePoint

Lessons and Tips from the BrightWork Marketing Team


⏲ Duration: 55 mins

What you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for remote teams, including setting goals and finding the right communication rhythm.
  • Using BrightWork for remote project and work management on SharePoint.
  • Leveraging Microsoft Teams for collaboration and file sharing.


Remote work has become the norm for many project teams, bringing new challenges and ways of working.

From delivering work on time to managing project schedules, collecting feedback, and finding information, teams have had to adapt quickly to meet their goals.

Project teams have also had to figure out how to deal with constant change and disruption. The phrase, ‘no two days are the same’, has never seemed truer!

It’s been no different for the Marketing Team at BrightWork since we switched to remote work in March 2020.

In this webinar, we’ll share what we’ve learned along the way, including how to manage projects remotely with BrightWork.

We’ll cover our tips for setting goals, improving communication, and adding structure to your project processes.

You’ll see our project site in BrightWork in action, with key features such as Boards, status reports, and task lists.

We’ll also explain how we use Microsoft Teams to keep everyone in the loop.

Meet The Presenters

Grace Windsor

Content Marketing Executive

Billy Guinan

Demand Generation Manager

Micheál Clesham

Inbound Marketing Executive