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Controlling the Project Management Lifecycle With Microsoft 365

Project Management with Microsoft 365


About This Webinar

Webinar duration: 40 minutes

Most organizations have many different types of projects running at the same time. Despite this, they all go through the same Project Life Cycle.

The Project Life Cycle is the sequence of processes or phases a project must go through to be successful.

Regardless of your methodology, from initiation to planning, execution to control, and closure, you need a tool to manage all aspects of your project lifecycle.


Jonathan Weisglass
BrightWork Education Manger


Micheál Clesham


In this webinar, BrightWork Education Manager, Jonathan Weisglass, will outline:

  • Overview of BrightWork 365 PPM Solution for Microsoft 365
  • The Value of Project Management Process
  • Creating Projects with Best Practice Templates
  • Controlling Project Progress with Stage Gates
  • Getting Visibility by Reporting on Projects