Deploy with a Low IT Burden

Since BrightWork is built on Microsoft SharePoint, your organization can leverage its existing SharePoint expertise, infrastructure and training. The familiar SharePoint interface and easy deployment options help ensure successful user and organizational adoption.

Quickly deploy in the cloud

BrightWork Online can be deployed in the cloud, with zero IT involvement and no internal infrastructure to setup or maintain. BrightWork Online is free for the first 30 days.

Easily deploy on-premise on SharePoint

BrightWork is carefully designed to integrate seamlessly into the SharePoint platform and can be deployed easily in your on-premise environment.

Leverage the familiarity of SharePoint

The BrightWork interface is tightly integrated with the SharePoint interface and enables no-code, point-and-click configuration by all users. The seamless interface reduces training requirements and helps increase user adoption.

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Coordinate with Best-Practice Project Management Templates

With the BrightWork templates, processes do not have to be reinvented for  every project. They are embedded right into the template out-of-the-box and can be adjusted as needed.

Start with a range of best practices

BrightWork includes a range of templates with varying amounts of project management built-in, designed to deliver project management, portfolio management and work management.

Deliver product and project management help

All BrightWork templates provide product and project management training, including context-sensitive BrightWork Help, role-based training guides, support forums and online communities.

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Evolve with Easy-to-Configure Templates

The BrightWork template management system makes it easy to capture, reuse and deploy new processes. You can even roll them out to live projects to support the continuous improvement of organizational project management.

Configure templates to suit local practices

All BrightWork templates are highly configurable, giving you control over you how you want projects to be managed, while at the same time making it easy for users to follow your local guidance and standards.

Manage templates and process updates to projects

You can easily manage and configure the templates in the Templates Area using the configuration tools of SharePoint and BrightWork. Any changes you make to a template can be rolled out to live projects using the BrightWork Template Design Sync.

Integrate project data with other systems

BrightWork can also pull in information from other enterprise tools, such as ERP and CRM systems, and report on it alongside project data in BrightWork.


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