Approve with Scalable Project Request Management

BrightWork gives you a simple process for deciding which projects get approved and which ones get rejected.

Manage new project requests

The Project Request Manager makes it easy for users to submit requests for new projects. It ensures the right information is captured for each request before it can move on to the next step in the approval process.


Select and approve the right projects

Once requests for new projects are submitted, reviewers can assess, rank using drag and drop, and then decide which projects will get the green light.

Create sites based on approved requests

The Project Request Manager also allows you to automatically create a new project site right from an approved project request, pulling over information from the original request.

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Track with Real-Time Portfolio Dashboards

BrightWork reporting dashboards allow you to quickly track the health and progress of all projects across the organization.

Get immediate visibility across all projects

You can track portfolios of projects with real-time dashboards and emailed reports, such as late projects, KPI’s/traffic-light indicators, metrics scorecards and many more views.

Drill into the detail of selected projects

You can drill down from any dashboard or emailed report into the detail of any project item, such as tasks, issues, or risks, to get a better understanding of what’s happening on the project.

Setup any portfolio reports needed

All BrightWork reports can be easily configured and personalized to give you the exact information you need, in the way you need it. You can also pull together any combination of projects in a custom reporting portfolio.

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Allocate with High Visibility Resource Management

Simple resource reports help you track and forecast resource allocation to make sure you have optimal resource utilization across projects.

Understand work distribution

BrightWork Resource Reports show you how work is assigned across the team, as well as work that is not assigned (and potentially not being worked).

Forecast and manage resource allocation

You’ll quickly see who is assigned to any piece of work and what else this person also has on their plate. Visual indicators highlight when a resource has more work than they can handle.

Track the non-people resources

You can also track and manage non-people resources, such as costs, budgets and other limited resources in your organization.


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