BrightWork Review


A critical component of our customer’s support and upgrade plan and a way for our customers to stay on-top of their project and portfolio management. Our aim is to support an effective way to manage your projects and portfolios that works for you and your team.


The Benefits

Immediate Needs

Addressing your immediate needs allows for us to start off on the right path. This is your time to ask any top-of-mind questions, bring any current issues to the table, or to simply ask for a quick how-to.

Continuously Improve

A recent activity walk-through allows for us to see how you’re currently managing your projects and activities in order for us to assess if there’s an easier way for you to accomplish the same result. There might be new features or processes that you might want to adopt.

Evolve Vision

Understanding your goals and what you’d like to achieve in the future is huge. Being able to help determine what’s important to you and your organization will enable a way for you to grow your project management.

Schedule your BrightWork Review

Re-evaluate your Project and Portfolio Management processes with a review as part of your Support & Upgrades Plan.

The BrightWork Review, not only is beneficial for the customers, but for myself as well. To be able to continuously understand how customers are using BrightWork and how they’d like to evolve their project and portfolio management is how our customers are successful. It’s an opportunity to listen, understand, and act, to make their lives easier.

Scott Footlik

Customer Success Architect, BrightWork