BrightWork Augment Service

Benefit from an Advisory Service with dedicated resources to achieve a high level of project management adoption and success sooner. 

What is the BrightWork Augment Service?

A project management Advisory Service with one or more Customer Success Partners dedicated to you full-time, to help you leverage your SharePoint environment to establish a project management model that can be shared with other groups within your organization. This will empower your organization with a clear Project Management Success Strategy and practices to achieve a high level of project management adoption and project management success sooner. 



For each group that requests to use BrightWork, a dedicated BrightWork Customer Success Partner(s) will deliver on all your Project Portfolio Management needs. With our highly personalized Augment Service, you will get:

  • Assistance to setup and maintain your Project Management infrastructure 
  • BrightWork Project Portfolio Management solution integrated with Power BI, SharePoint Online
  • Customized templates to match your way of Project Management out of the box
  • White labelling of the solution with your own branding
  • Wiki and Local Project Management Success Community with regular meetups, training sessions, and communications


Your BrightWork Customer Success Partner will work with a Project Management Champion from each core group as the main point of contact. They will work together during Augment sessions with the option to include group team members and additional stakeholders as necessary.

A customized set of Services with the help of a designated BrightWork Customer Success Partner/Team  

  • Start – Sign up, Set goals, Configure, Go Live  
  • Support – Continuous assistance, Knowledge resources (Training guides, videos, E-book, Webinars), Product Training, Coaching 
  • Evolve – A six-monthly check-in to assess current needs and deliver on backlogs  

Follow Up

Your dedicated BrightWork Customer Success Partner(s) will work with your core group to establish a Project Management Model you can deploy to other groups within your organization. Best-practice templates will be designed, delivered, and deployed in the BrightWork solution and shared with each group to guide them through your standardized way of doing project management.  

Effort and Duration

We will work with you to scope the effort involved. Typically, we deploy one or more dedicated Customer Success Partners to work with you full-time with your team.  

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