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    I’ve got the below questions regarding Free Lite Template:
    1) I’ve added all the project tasks with dates, but it doesn’t show on the calendar, did I missed something?
    2) is there a way to “cross-out” completed tasks in the “Schedule” view, similar to how you will see in the “project tasks” view?
    3) is there a way to show the overall % completion for the project on the dashboard, based on average % of completion of all the tasks?
    4) is there a way to add IDs to the tasks (kind of like 1.1; 1.2, etc…) but when you move the task order up or down, the ID # will refresh automatically?
    5) Is there a way to add a notebook (OneNote) to the free lite template?

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    Dermot Arnold

    Thanks for picking our template. See answers below

    1. 1. The calendar is for Project events. You will need to add a calendar view to the tasks if you wish to see this data on the calendar
    2. 2. The Schedule view does not strike through completed tasks. You can see the percentage complete value in this view. Plus the Gantt chart will show the progress of a task.
    3. 3. Updating the Project status with the percentage complete will show on the Project Homepage. Our full product can calculate this automatically. You can try the trial here
    4. 4. Not at this time
    5. 5. You can insert a OneNote document into the document folder and use OneNote this way

    If you have further questions let me know.

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    JoAnn Charlan

    Is it possible to use the Structured template for weekly department status reports? Example, create three Project names (one for each department employee) and each user would add their own Tasks, Issues or Support tickets they worked on for that week. Manager could then view at a glance, and be able to drill down for details. Would we have that capability with this?


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    Dermot Arnold

    Hi JoAnn,

    You can customize the template anyway you wish.

    If you want multiple people working from the same list, you can create new views in which you can filter by the Assigned to Field. This will allow you to see only the tasks and issues assigned to that individual. You can filter the view further to show only items from the last 7 days.

    This functionality can be accessed from the SharePoint ribbon. Just select List -> Modify View.

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