Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

Using the BrightWork templates, we now have a much better understanding of all projects underway, as well as a system to review and manage new project requests. We have greater visibility into what is on track and what is falling behind.

Amazon Projects

Blending BrightWork and Nintex functionalities was a no brainer for Amazon Projects. BrightWork delivered the flexible project management processes we needed at Amazon and through automation, Nintex made these processes faster.

Ascend Performance Materials

BrightWork is an integrated collaborative project and portfolio management SharePoint application. Even if you do not have a project management office background, with BrightWork you can run a suitable level of project discipline and governance out-of-the-box.

Schneider Electric

As our business needs change, new reports and changes to our project templates can be internally developed in a short period of time. We consistently leverage the design sync feature which allows us to synchronize these improvements to existing projects in a controlled manner.


With BrightWork, we have implemented status reporting for projects so that we can get updates from the project managers directly through the system on a weekly basis. This eliminates the need for continuous meetings because in many cases we get updates from the team members themselves who are assigned the task.

Camden National Bank

The BrightWork Customer Success and Support teams have been phenomenal. We purchased support hours when we initially started and we have gotten an extreme amount of value from them. We are not just told what to do but we are shown and trained so we can do it for ourselves. The monthly free training is where we start a lot of our development. We attend, get ideas, build and break it in our sandbox environment and then eventually come out with an end solution.

Quaker Chemical Corporation

Flexibility is one of the best things I like about BrightWork. The ability to remove certain bells and whistles when they are not needed, add categories and fields, or switch to a more advanced template saves not only my time but the time of the end user. A key to our success at Quaker has been adhering to the idea that we use only the amount of project management we need to get the job done.


BrightWork gave us templates we could customize, so we didn’t have to start from scratch. Now that we have customized the templates, we have a standard set of templates to use for our projects. Another nice thing about BrightWork is that we can have multiple projects that all roll up to one status report or dashboard, that can be used by senior executives and project sponsors to see exactly where the project is.

Exide Technologies

BrightWork is a great solution for visual project data and portfolio management. It’s a simple way to see all the projects in a portfolio or program using the same metrics and standards – this to me is the greatest feature for us. We no longer use different words or metrics to describe project status; we all use BrightWork and speak the same language and know how to interpret the same graphs.


The ability to customize the Gantt chart in BrightWork is a real bonus and combined with the report editor makes this a great choice as a Portfolio Management tool.

APi Group

Project requirements at APi Group IT are manifold. We didn’t need a “One Size Fits All” solution so being able to customize and configure BrightWork to our needs has been vital to our success.

Group Health

BrightWork provided us with an economical, scalable solution for managing our project portfolio. We now have better standards for collecting project data and an intuitive tool that makes the work visible and accessible.


BrightWork provides us with a project management tool based on how we work today and evolving to where we want to be.

County of Wellington

The ability to track status reports week to week, especially as projects get distracted or deferred, was huge for us.

Parker Drilling

BrightWork is hands down the best integrated Project Management product for SharePoint.

Columbus IT

Thanks to BrightWork, we can now use SharePoint to manage all our projects in one place, from business projects to finance projects to IT projects to customer projects.


The solution that BrightWork provided Enbridge allows us to take the tools we already used, such as Microsoft Project, status reporting and put it into a more consistent, collaborative process across the board.


BrightWork does a great job of relying on the SharePoint architecture from a data roll-up point of view. The ability to present relevant data to a targeted audience helps provide useful and relevant data to project stakeholders.

Sheppard Mullin

What I love about BrightWork is that it doesn’t just allow us to have a project schedule. BrightWork is a total solution for us. It truly is a central location where we can keep all project related items in one place."

Mater Health Services

For Mater, the BrightWork solution offers a practical piece of efficiency that reduces demand on resources and addresses some of the multiple reporting concerns identified by project managers.”

Ritchey Design

Our rekindled focus to improve communication and relationships encompassing new product development led us to BrightWork. We needed to connect our conversations to tasks and deliverables so that our global teams can work faster and smarter. Our Brightwork liaison listened, and shaped their product to meet our needs: To effectively bring valuable new products to market through global collaborative conversation, without losing sight of necessary task structured development.

Georgia Farm Bureau

BrightWork enables us to effectively coordinate, communicate, and control our projects and programs. We had a poor experience with two other similar products but our teams have rapidly adopted BrightWork. They were familiar with SharePoint and it is very easy to use. Also, the integration with Office enables us to consolidate data entered in BrightWork, export it to Access, and analyze it for reports and other purposes. The company and product have exceeded our expectations.

Capitol Region Education Council

I would recommend BrightWork to any organization that uses SharePoint and needs a project management information system that provides great visibility across projects and portfolios. The implementation and account teams have been outstanding — patient and flexible to understand the unique needs of our organization and make sure that the BrightWork rollout met all of our needs. For CREC, BrightWork has been a great partner.

Portal Systems

BrightWork provides an amazing reporting functionality to chart project success, resource utilization and project progress. All information and documents concerning a specific project are available to all employees in a central project portal. Everyone everywhere has access to all information at any time. We created several reports to keep management up-to-date and with BrightWork, we know at any time how our consultants are utilized.

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

It has been critical for me to use a tool that is both flexible and customizable so that projects can be built out in ways where team members can participate in a meaningful way to ensure that the project documentation is accurate and tells the true story of a project from start to finish.

Serenic Software

It was well worth the investment and I would recommend this product to other companies trying to manage their projects. My customers love the idea of a “one stop shop”. The templates are so easy to use and have a lot of functionality common to everyone running a project. The customer support and training has been outstanding.


Collaboration is an important key to opening an organization’s skill bank and delivering the execution premium, and nowhere more so than in project management. BrightWork has given us the opportunity to maximize how efficiently and effectively we manage a vast array of projects across our geographically dispersed organization.

National University of Ireland, Galway

Information Solutions & Services provided Brightwork with a list of requirements and together we developed an implementation plan, involving quite a bit of tailoring on their part. They were very responsive and professional and we now have an effective project management and time recording solution.

Sonic Healthcare

One of the things I love about BrightWork is that it is not just for Project Managers. BrightWork connects the entire team to their assignments, and team members are responsible for updating project tasks, making it so much easier for Project Managers to know exactly what is going on and make decisions quicker.

Nebraska Medicine

BrightWork is working great for us. It is easily adaptable to meet our organization’s evolving needs. Our leadership now is asking questions like: Why did we not do this earlier? What more can we do with it?

Chicago Housing Authority

I would definitely recommend BrightWork for project management especially if the organization is already using SharePoint. Because BrightWork leverages a lot of the SharePoint functionality, there isn’t a very big learning curve. Users can begin to use it almost immediately and is familiar since it is integrated into SharePoint.

City of Auburn, Washington

Our biggest benefit from implementing BrightWork is consistent project management and reporting. Because of this benefit the City was able to save time managing projects, be more accurate with the data involved and now keep abreast of current statuses.

City of Hartford, Connecticut

The greatest benefit from our BrightWork solution is that we have our projects and all related documents organized, so we know where everything is. It also gives us a place to calculate and store our metrics, and we can confirm and categorize all of our work.

Maranatha Baptist University

We were able to come up with a very innovative way to integrate the request and approval process with the site creation process. BrightWork has given us an unprecedented tool to accomplish the things we really wanted to do.

Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers

BrightWork has helped Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers to significantly improve both project management and portfolio management processes. Thanks to its flexibility, it has also helped to better manage processes concerning the banks internal and external audits.

Lids Sports Group

With the deployment of BrightWork on SharePoint, we have experienced far closer collaboration among project teams and across departments. Using the BrightWork reporting dashboards in SharePoint, executives are now able to access meaningful reports in an easy and timely manner.

Weingarten Realty

Since we already had SharePoint deployed in the organization, our ideal solution would leverage the platform. BrightWork best practice templates and reporting were a perfect fit, so we deployed BrightWork on SharePoint 2013 to set up a virtual PMO.


Dimensional put several prospective project management solution providers through their paces to find exactly the right solution to fit our needs. BrightWork rose right to the top, and their level of service was a key differentiator. That level of service has remained consistently high through our implementation and into production.

NaturVet - Garmon Corporation

Moving to a SharePoint solution enabled us to move away from spreadsheets and manage all the new product releases much more efficiently, minimizing meeting requirements and fostering more hands on collaboration and constructive cross disciplinary checks.

Baltimore County Public Schools

At Baltimore County Public Schools, we find BrightWork a one-stop place for all our project portfolio needs. Assigning staff to tasks and activities is as easy as creating a dashboard for management reference. BrightWork was slowly rolled out into our IT department and we continue to add members as we are convinced this product was an excellent investment and has been a successful way to manage our projects.

XVT Solutions

I’d recommend BrightWork because it automates processes that are historically very time consuming to create. When I started using BrightWork at XVT, I rang my former manager and said ‘You have to get this! Remember all those reports we spent weeks building and refining? BrightWork does it automatically.’ We are very happy with BrightWork.

Midwest Underground Technology, Inc.

I would highly recommend BrightWork to organizations looking for a project management solution. I would also advise that they are prepared to take the time to configure the system to meet their needs, especially with feedback from the end users. Our deployment went through several iterations to get to where we are now. We didn’t recognize all that we could do at the beginning.

Tennis Australia

With a basic traffic light model, the Australian Open focus group were able to see very quickly which projects were in trouble and what big problems needed urgent attention. Since then, we have introduced a more formal approach to risk management as well, which helped the focus group identify and address high priority risks.”

Cherrill Consulting

We selected BrightWork as our internal PPM solution on the basis of its ease of use, availability in the cloud through a reliable hosting service, and the ability to tailor and evolve project templates as our own processes mature.


We now use the one SharePoint solution (BrightWork) to manage all our work and projects: small work items, requests for new projects, small projects and large projects.

Northamptonshire County Council

BrightWork delivers customizable SharePoint templates for managing different project types and also for managing across many projects. This gave us a very fast yet flexible starting point.

Professional Healthcare Association*

The key to our success was talking to all of our project stakeholders to find out what they needed from the system. And with BrightWork being so configurable, we were able to then build that for them.