What’s New In BrightWork 15.13

November 14, 2019 by

BrightWork has released the newest update (15.13) to its project and portfolio management solution on SharePoint. With the updated version comes a host of new and exciting features:

  • More Visual: Work in progress limits, search, and grouped columns to reduce bottlenecks on Kanban boards.
  • Faster Reporting: Enhancements to simplify using the Work Cache.
  • Enhanced Usability: BrightWork Reporter now streamlined to refresh project data once items are updated.
  • Better User Insights: New feature to generate user access reports.


More Visual: Kanban Boards



Kanban boards enable project managers to move through work quickly, addressing risks, tasks, and issues in a visual, modern way. With the latest release, we have introduced a number of clever features to make managing your Kanban board even easier.

Search is now available on each Board by default. All characters used on the Board can be searched for.

Column Card Count
It is now possible to display the number of cards within a column in its header.

WIP Limit
WIP (Work In Progress) Limits can be set for columns or columns that are grouped together. A column with more cards than the set WIP Limit will be highlighted. WIP Limits are a key component of Kanban processes.

Hide Columns
You can now hide the display of a column completely from the Board.

Grouping Columns
Columns can now be grouped together under a common heading.

These updates allow us to manage any project management process that has a flow, with stages and steps. These can include Issues, Risks, Change Requests, Defects, Support items, and Legal Matters and many more. Boards adds a wonderful visual Kanban methodology process.


Faster Reporting: Work Cache Enhancements

Work Cache Icon


The Work Cache is a feature available within BrightWork Reporter that enables faster cross-site reporting. The Work Cache data source is designed as an alternative to work and issue reports that report across multiple sites.

The Work Cache reports across the following lists: Tasks, Issues, Goals, Risks, Project Change Requests as well as Project Requests.

The Work Cache is now enhanced with added support for two custom list types, BrightWork Custom List (list type 758) and SharePoint Custom List (list type 100). This gives BrightWork users even more flexibility by allowing them to report open work from custom lists into the Work Cache


Enhanced Usability: BrightWork Reporter – Refresh on Update


BrightWork Reporter


BrightWork Reporter is a highly configurable web part, used to report on multiple sites, subsites, and lists in a single report. These reports can take the form of Chart, Gantt and List Item reports.

In BrightWork 15.13 when you edit an item by clicking on it in a List Item or Gannt report, all project data in the report is automatically refreshed.

This saves users from refreshing the project data from the SharePoint ribbon, giving users instant, real-time reporting.


Better User Insights: User Access Report

Generating a report of how many users have access to your site collection can be a laborious process. BrightWork has simplified this process with a new Web Application timer job.

This feature will generate a CSV file that reports on all users with Read access or above for each BrightWork site collection.

This CSV file contains raw data that maybe useful but most likely is quite difficult to read. To help you process the raw data, we have also provided a pre-configured Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to process your data and count exactly how many licensed users are in your BrightWork site collection.


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