What’s New In BrightWork 15.12

August 21, 2019 by

BrightWork has released the newest update (15.12) to its project and portfolio management solution on SharePoint. With the updated version comes a host of new and exciting features making BrightWork more:

  • More Adoptable: Improved Kanban Boards
  • More Scalable: Project Cache Mapping updates
  • More Secure: Continued FedRAMP Compliance

More Adoptable: Kanban Boards


Kanban Boards

The Lists Board view was introduced to BrightWork in version 15.8 and has received immensely positive feedback from our user base.

Kanban boards enable project managers to move through work quickly, addressing risks, tasks, and issues in a visual, modern way.

With the latest release, we have introduced column configuration. Users will have the ability to customize the column captions and default a column to be collapsed, simplifying task management. This is the first of many column configurations to be launched in upcoming releases of BrightWork.


SharePoint Ribbon Access


We have also made it easier for customers to access the Sharepoint ribbon when managing projects with BrightWork. Clicking the  icon will now expand the ribbon.


More Scalable: Project Cache Mapping


The newest release of BrightWork is the third and final piece of making it easier to map columns to the Project Cache, after previous releases facilitated mapping from the Project Statement and Project Metrics respectively.

The Project Cache allows you to report on Project Summary information from the Project Statement, Project Tracker and Project Metrics.

Previously the only way to map columns from these sources and customize the Project Cache was by accessing the Global Project Cache mapping file. This process was not easy and required SharePoint Designer 2013 along with a knowledge of HTML and XML coding.

Now that we can add mappings for Projects Tracker items, there is no longer a need to edit the global Project Cache mapping file manually.


More Secure: FedRAMP Compliant

To maintain our 100% clean Record with FedRAMP compliance, a number of updates to BrightWork have been applied.

FedRAMP promotes the adoption of secure cloud services across the US Federal Government by providing a standardized approach to security and risk assessment.

By being 100% compliant with U.S. Federal and State security requirements, BrightWork’s Project Office Jumpstart is the ideal solution for U.S. Federal Civilian, DoD, and NatSec customers.


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