Using the Microsoft Project to SharePoint Sync with a Customized SharePoint Site for Project Management

Microsoft Project 2010 has the built-in capability to sync back and forth with SharePoint 2010, extending the project management capabilities of both tools. This feature allows project managers to manage the project schedule in MS Project while team members can access and update project information directly from a task list in SharePoint. With this two-way sync, the latest project plan is always available in the project site for everyone to see.

In a blog post last week, we looked at how to use the Microsoft Project to SharePoint sync with a basic SharePoint site. In this short demo below, you will learn how to sync your Microsoft Project plan with a customized SharePoint site for project management.  This demo will cover:

    • How to create a SharePoint site using a custom Microsoft Project template
    • Create the project plan from content type
    • Add custom columns to the SharePoint site
    • Sync the plan back to Microsoft Project
    • SharePoint views and reports

Watch a 30-minute webinar which walks through some typical sync usage scenarios, demonstrate how to use the sync and offers some advice on sync best practices.  Watch this webinar recording and learn how to use the two-way sync between SharePoint 2010 and Project 2010 that will free you up to actually manage projects by allowing your team members to update on their progress without your needing to chase them down.

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    Thomas Kennedy

    This is a nice feature for VERY simple project plans. But the sync doesn’t work when you use any type of task dependency other than the default (without third party tools or customization). So basically, if you want to sync your plan, you can’t use any of the powerful scheduling tools within MS Project. That’s like driving a Ferrari and being forced to keep it in first gear! You might as well use an Excel spreadsheet at that point.

    When is Microsoft going to fix this limitation?


    project 2010 tutorials

    This is a common problem about not working of sync feature. I think Microsoft will be careful about this. It will be helpful for lot of users then. However, I have used both tools and in a word I can say that I am satisfied.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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