The Ultimate PPM Evaluation Criteria Checklist

As you can imagine, selecting a PPM solution for your organization is not as easy as going out and buying more pens for the office.  While the PPM solution has so many potential benefits, there are often costs involved (sometimes very high costs), training end users, integration with other line of business software already in use, user adoption and so on.

When you begin looking at the options available, it’s important to remember that one size does not fit all!  So you need the tool that will deliver the visibility you need quickly, yet is the right fit for the individuals managing projects in your organization.

So as you embark on your evaluation of project and portfolio management solutions, bookmark this post or download the PPM Evaluation Criteria Checklist which you can print out and customize with any considerations specific to your situation, and then share it with other colleagues in involved in the process!  This way you know you are selecting the right PPM solution for your organization.

The checklist evaluates detailed criteria based on:

  1. Range of Functionality
  2. Ease of Deployment
  3. Ease of Configuration
  4. Future Proof Investment
  5. Evaluation Support

evaluation criteria checklist

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