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The Manager’s Guide to Letting Go [Infographic]

August 4, 2016 by

In 2014, the Washington Post ran an excellent piece on the idea of work martyrdom — the belief many executives, managers and other employees hold that they’re so indispensable to the company that they cannot imagine stepping away for a week, or even a couple of days.

Instead, managers who suffer from work martyrdom tend to shoulder the burden of their entire teams, constantly doing team members’ work for them because those managers believe they’re the only ones who can do it properly.

Here’s the irony: By pushing yourself to overwork and never take a break, you become less productive yourself. Stepping away from work to relax — and perhaps to even visit a beach — does you and your company good. The New York Times reports a 10% uptick in employee performance reviews among people who use all of their vacation days.

But to actually unplug and enjoy your vacation, you need to build and empower a team you can trust to be self-sufficient. That’s a two-way street. On the one hand, your team needs the skills, training and tools to get work done. On the other, you need to learn to let go, to let your team prove themselves by getting that work done.

That’s why teamfocus has put together the infographic below to help work martyr managers build and empower teams they can rely upon to be successful — even while they’re sipping Mai Tais somewhere in the Caribbean.

The Manager's Guide to Letting Go

Source: The Manager’s Guide to Letting Go [Infographic]

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