Task Management Made Easy in SharePoint

January 18, 2016 by

Most project team members are smart and want to be a part of the project success, but many times they struggle to contribute to projects in a meaningful way.


Start managing project tasks on SharePoint in less than five minutes with your free site template! 


Some of the most common challenges faced by team members include:

  • Team members struggle to contribute to projects and feel under pressure to provide updates.
  • Frequently, they have no objective way to highlight when they have an issue or have too much on their plate to deliver at the expected level of quality.
  • Team members who have to deliver document-based work often lose items or struggle to reuse previous versions.


Is this scenario familiar to you and your team?

BrightWork makes task management quite easy in SharePoint.  Using the work management system built into BrightWork, team members can easily carry out some of the project work, and quickly report on progress, or otherwise, right in the project site.

Further, BrightWork allows users to leverage all of the native document-management capabilities available in SharePoint, so there is no more worry of losing a document with libraries and version control.

The following clip from our Extended Demo series will show you how BrightWork gives you a simple and effective way to manage all your tasks in one work management system, allowing you to:

  • Do the work
  • Update “My Work” progress
  • Manage non-project work.



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