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Everyone loves a project report – except the project manager! Trying to prepare different types of reports for stakeholders and the team from various sources is often a very manual and time-consuming process. It’s especially troublesome when a report is urgently needed for a meeting; if your information sources are not up-to-date, you’re in for a long day!


Make project reporting easier with a SharePoint project management template 


Reports are a vital project tool. Having the right reporting tools in place allows you to track progress, manage risks, maintain cost control, and improve overall visibility.  Reports also enable team members and stakeholders to contribute effectively to the project.


Reporting Tools

The best way to tackle project reports is with a collaborative project tool such as BrightWork, which quickly pulls together relevant information from different sources into the required format.

Better yet, you can also set up automated reporting to send reports to the right person as needed – daily, weekly, or monthly. Just think about how much more time you could have to work on your projects!


Types of Reports

BrightWork comes with a range of reporting options including project and portfolio reports, ‘My Work’ reports for individual team members, and real-time high-level portfolio dashboards, which give senior executives the cross-project visibility they need for effective control. The reports are easy to set up and configure to suit your project management approach.

Let’s take a look at some of these reports in more detail.


portfolio reporting

Senior executives will love these real-time portfolio dashboards with project metrics and traffic light indicators.


project status report

Project reports focus on important details like metrics, issues, open work and resources.


my work report

Keep team members in the loop with the ‘My Work’ report.


personal reports

Senior executives, project managers, and team members can easily create personal views of any report, including filters across multiple projects. Additional report types include Gantt charts, List Reports, and Resource Reports.


report sharing

Save time with automated reporting. It’s also easy to put together and send ad-hoc reports to relevant individuals.



Successful Reporting in Action

Many BrightWork customers enjoy the benefits of our report templates. These include:

  • Chicago Housing Authority moved from storing different documents in various places to a single document repository for easier reporting and visibility. This significantly reduced administration hours for project teams.
  • Before introducing BrightWork, Metro Hartford Information Services (MHIS) were using large spreadsheets to track and report on projects. Now, they use standard templates for consistent project reporting.
  • Mater Health Services faced a common project management challenge: they needed a way to update multiple reports at once to provide real-time status updates for senior management. Implementing BrightWork resulted in significant time saving and reduced printing costs.


Ready for Improved Reports?

If you want to enjoy some of the benefits of easier reporting,  why not try BrightWork, a SharePoint project management application? In addition to best-practice templates and advanced cross-project reporting, BrightWork provides real-time portfolio dashboards so you know what’s happening across all projects in the organization at a glance.

If you would like to try BrightWork for yourself, check out our 30-day free trial. The free trial will give you the opportunity to see how BrightWork can help you manage and deliver successful projects.

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